Calling Fraud for What It Is

Posted: Oct 20, 2013 12:01 AM
Calling Fraud for What It Is

TeaPartysucks wrote: First, referring to anything associate with President Obama as "Barry" exposes the writer's racism and prejudice. Secondly, blame the Republicans for the shutdown! THEY are the ones who are blocking access to monuments and memorials! They're such liars! They have no shame! They're like children throwing rocks, breaking a window and then pointing at the innocent kid standing nearby and saying, "He did it!"Civil Disobedience Starts as Citizens Storm Barrycades

Dear Comrade Sucks,

Why would my using the name that Obama used himself for years expose anything other than the fact that for whatever reason Barry changed his name a few times?

Liberal cries of racist! racist! would have much more impact if you used them when racism was actually involved.

Or are you also accusing Obama of racism because he went by the name Barry?

That would seem odd to me, but if there is one thing that liberals do best, it’s odd.

Liberals often miss the point in these debates because they are so focused on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, guns and orthography that they can’t see anything else.

This is due to either deliberate deception on their part or a previously identified brain disorder effecting liberals that was identified in this column last week.

For example, it’s been well-documented that someone registered to vote in Washington, D.C. under the name Mr. Barry Soetoro at the White House address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20500.

If you are a liberal, this spoof is more proof that conservatives are spiteful racists who wish to remind the president of his somewhat obscure past.

If you are a conservative, however, you see the spoof for what it really is: an indictment of a voter registration process that allows anyone to register under any made up name and then vote under that name with the flimsiest of documentation.

When I go pick up my son from school early for a doctor’s appointment, I have to show a valid government I.D., even though presumably my son, who is well-known to me, wouldn’t call a stranger “dad” or get into a car with someone not his dad—at least I hope not.

When I check into a hotel, I have to show valid I.D. for the purposes of positive identification.

When I, as a naturally-born citizen of the United States, travel abroad, I have to stand in line to show U.S. Customs agents my passport that proves I’m an American citizen to regain entry to the country.

When I adopted my dog from the rescue shelter, I had to show I.D. DirecTV verifies who I am before setting up service for me, a hospital won’t admit me without knowing who I am. The list of activities that require the positive identification of a person is long.

It’s probably too long.

And yet, when it comes to voting, liberals support a system where anyone, with a made-up name, can successfully register and vote in the most important function of the ordinary citizen in our representative republic.

You and I and everyone else knows that this is just an attempt to allow fraudulent voting using as an excuse minority populations that tend to poll higher for Democrats.

That this practice of mass, fraudulent voter registration is supported by liberals by using arguments that are inherently racist and do not apply equal justice under the law, is just another example of liberal deconstructionism that turns the concept of “justice” into a tyranny.

In any event, the Palin-inspired “barrycades” was a pun, and a pretty good one.

It got you mad. And that’s worth 3-points on the Ransom Scale for Liberal Brain Disorder Affectation archetypes.

Congratulations: You have been positively identified as a liberal.

And look, no need for I.D. either!

TJ721 wrote: shut down is shut down not sure what you guys are whining aboutCivil Disobedience starts As Citizens Storm Barrycades

Dear Comrade 721,

I’m not whining about anything.

It was Obama and his party, the Democrats, that were going on like a little girls using the words “extortion,” “ransom” (glad he finally mentioned me), “terrorist,” “arsonist”. Talk about drama queens.

And besides which: “shut down is shut down” only happens in my dreams.

Federal workers are essentially on paid vacation.

Here’s an article that should put a smile even on liberal faces (h/t to Daniel J Mitchell) from the hilarious Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog:

The United States of America (1787-2013) came to a swift and sudden end last night as the government shut down. The nation which had survived Pearl Harbor, the War of 1812 and Jimmy Carter ceased to exist.

The savage population, which had only been kept in line through a policy of rigorous gun confiscations, food stamps and Green Energy programs unleashed its pent up rage in a spree of riots, looting and mass murder that had only previously been encountered in Somalia.

"The government shut down! We can do anything we like," shouted Sam Hasbley of Grassley, Iowa, while tearing the tag off a mattress despite an explicit warning label forbidding such a dangerous course of action. "Tear yours off. The government is shut down. It can't stop you."

Eyewitnesses spoke of further horrors. On a quiet street in suburban Massachusetts, a man brought out a set of highly illegal lawn darts. In Maryland, there were allegations that an entire family had begun digging ditches to collect rainwater runoff.

Only about 18% of the government is shutdown in any event.

But here’s what we are mad about, from Commentary:

Alas, it’s not inconvenience that most annoys Americans about their government and some federal workers, but rather the hypocrisy. As I blogged here on Monday, the government is throwing septuagenarians and octogenarians out of their homes on federal land, but allowing President Obama’s mother-in-law to reside in a federal building during the shutdown. It is funding Sesame Street, but delaying cancer research. And it temporarily closed down the Amber Alert main page, while letting Michelle Obama’s pet project remain up and running. The problem Americans face—and the reason why leading figures from both Democrats and Republicans are seeing their poll numbers plummet—is simply because the government seems increasingly hostile to the notion of equal application of the law.

We live in world where equal application of the law not only doesn’t exist, it’s not even pretended to be valued by our ruling-class.

That won’t end well.

Sammianne wrote: The federal government has always owned the land. Try not paying your property taxes. But I think this goes in a different direction. These agents of the government who are working AGAINST the American people should be summarily fired for partisan law enforcement. They should be stripped of their jobs and their benefits. Their retirement contributions should be returned to them and they can then go to the back end of the unemployment line. The United States owns all of the land. That's what gives local governments the ability to tax it. Civil Disobedience starts As Citizens Storm Barrycades

Dear Comrade Sami,

What a jackass you are. I mean of the Democrat, high-kicking donkey type.

What gives the government the ability to tax land is the CONSENT of the governed.

We had big war about that. Remember George Washington, etc.? Those guys?

Yeah, that’s what they were about.

While true that the government at one time owned most of the land in the United States, at that time we had a government that was smart enough to do the best thing possible with it: They sold it off to private parties who made it more valuable.

That’s why we had so many immigrants come to the United States.

It absolutely stuns me that people can be so ignorant of the history of our country.

Let’s allow Abraham Lincoln put it in context for you, our system of private property:

The prudent, penniless beginner in the world labors for wages awhile, saves a surplus with which to buy tools or land for himself, then labors on his own account another while, and at length hires another new beginner to help him. This is the just and generous and prosperous system which opens the way to all, gives hope to all, and consequent energy and progress and improvement of condition to all. No men living are more worthy to be trusted than those who toil up from poverty; none less inclined to take or touch aught which they have not honestly earned.

Lincoln fought a war so that some men, who held back the fruits of other men’s labor, would be stopped from doing so.The fruit of our labor is expressed in many ways: Land, wages, savings, personal assets, intellectual property.

Lincoln counseled us thusly:

Let them beware of surrendering a political power which they already possess, and which if surrendered will surely be used to close the door of advancement against such as they and to fix new disabilities and burdens upon them till all of liberty shall be lost.

Those disabilities would likely include the regressive income tax, food stamps, regulatory burden and the Federal Reserve.

Mr_Green_Jeans wrote: What does this current Ransom article have to do with finances? Am I an Idiot? Obama And The Art Of The Artificial Contrived And Transpired Crisis

Dear Comrade Mr. Green Jeans,

I thought you died in 1987. Oh, wait. Nothing you wrote disinclines me to think you aren’t dead.

In any event, your question: “Am I an Idiot? “ I can answer in the affirmative.

You are likely dead AND an idiot.

Your other question: “What does this current Ransom article have to do with finances?” is the ubiquitous liberal bunny trail set up just to distract from the fact that you have no point.

Liberal questioners like you ask: “What is YOUR degree in?” or “What did YOU write your thesis on?” which are irrelevant. They are just attempts to change the subject.

So, in answer to your question I refer you back to my answer for the first question I answered.

You are likely dead AND an idiot.

Cudlow wrote: John, you are usually spot on. But you are so totally wrong about Blackberry. I have had one for over 5 years. Best smart phone available. My company used to have them for us. Made us switch to junky Samsung. I use it for phone calls and nothing else - JUNK. Blackberry is the best! The Slow and Agonizing Death of the Original Obamaphone

Dear Cudlow,

The marketplace says that you are wrong and I am right.

IPhone is one of the most successful consumer products ever and BlackBerry is going bust.

I had a BlackBerry and switched to IPhone because I needed more computing power, power that BlackBerry doesn’t give me.

BlackBerry is an ill-conceived toy phone that didn’t keep up with the times because the government was involved.

DrRoy wrote: This just confirms my observation from a couple of months ago. You guys are obsessed with phones for some reason. ! The Slow and Agonizing Death of the Original Obamaphone

Dear Comrade Doctor,

Self-prescribing medication can be dangerous. You either need to lower the dose or increase it. It’s either that, or you’re having a stroke.

Generally speaking I have no idea what you are talking about, but that only makes us even because you don’t either.

If I were you, however, I’d check on that stroke thing.

TBrennan55 wrote:Some of the nutcases out here seem to forget that we are the only democracy on earth without a national health care plan. That we spend a greater percentage of GDP on this than any other country on earth. Guess those that don't want to point these facts out are simply scared of printing the truth about how health care is taken care of in all of the nations that have such plans. Work definitely needs to be done on the current method of implementing the Affordable Healthcare Plan. Lets do it and move on. The Bizarre and Incomprehensible Choices of Obamacare Are Now Routine

Dear Comrade 55,

Yeah, we’re also the only “democracy” with the largest, strongest most resilient economy in the world. Heck, we’ve survived five years of the worst Barry can throw at us. We are also the only “democracy” with the largest reserves of energy ever discovered; we’re the only “democracy” that saved civilization from the dictatorship of Hitler and Tojo; we’re the only “democracy” that did lots of things.

I’ve never really understood the GDP comparison on healthcare versus other countries. The World Bank includes social welfare programs like SNAP as part of healthcare costs. So, for example in the United States, a single person on SNAP costs abut $200 per month. In Mexico, food costs are considerably lower per person.

The lower costs have nothing to do with nationalized or private healthcare.

Outcomes in many areas aren’t simply products of the percentage of GDP spent. We spend more money on lots of things that other countries don’t. Like movies and autos.

France spends more money as both a percentage of GDP and real dollars on food, but no one is talking about the French food crisis.

The Economists Intelligence Unit published a white paper that warned that the Eurozone healthcare spending would jump from 8% (roughly what the U.S. spends today) to about 14% of GDP by 2030.

The Eurozone, even with universal healthcare, has the same pressures that are pushing U.S. healthcare costs up.

From the Economist:

    ·The rising cost of healthcare cannot be met with current levels of public funding, raised via taxation and insurance. The main drivers of rising healthcare costs in Europe are:

    ·ageing populations and the related rise in chronic disease;

    ·costly technological advances;

    ·patient demand driven by increased knowledge of options and by less healthy lifestyles;

    ·llegacy priorities and financing structures that are ill-suited to today’s requirements.

    ·Keeping the universal healthcare model will require rationing of services and consolidation of

Wow. All that sounds like a great deal to me.

You know what would be really cool? If Obama came up with his own unique way of running our economy into the ground rather ripping off ideas from dead dictators and dead economists and then pretending like he's an original.

BSullivan848 wrote: Lest we forget for all the sudden fiscal hawks here again? Obama and the Democrats INHERITED $9 trillion deficit and counting? You know like the continued unwinding of two unfunded wars and a collapsed economy of many counties along w/the US? Amazing how many forget the damage created from the exploitation of several of the industrial job creators? You know Housing , Banking , Confidence Good Job John and crew? The Bizarre and Incomprehensible Choices of Obamacare Are Now Routine

Dear Comrade 848,

Again, so what?

The Democrats voted for those budgets. If anything they were mad because appropriations weren’t larger.

And before you start the whole “Iraq War yada, yada,” that only accounts for about $800 billion.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that if only Obama and the Democrats were in charge we wouldn’t have deficits?


Mr_Green_Jeans wrote: John Ransom, I challenge you to do an editorial on the statistical data regarding Conservative and/or Republicans currently receiving Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Part D.

John Ransom,Finance editor of Townhall

You have the data regarding Liberals. Bring it on,baby.

Dear Comrade

I wrote the report you asked for and then cleverly hid it in the documentary embedded below.

I challenge YOU to find it.

If you can’t find it, then I challenge YOU to a duel with broadswords near Alton, Illinois on an island lying on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River.

I’ll be the one wearing the stovepipe hat and the rusty looking topcoat.

Upon my word, good day to you, Sir!

I have the honor to remain, etc. etc.,

Ericynot1 wrote: Let me be sure I've got this right. John "The Government is Broke and Continuing to Spend WAY Too Much Money" Ransom wants to mobilize a DEA task force to address the matter of a drug that MAY (they're not even sure if the problem was caused by Krokodil or the increasingly worrisome problem of antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections) have affected three people in a city of 2.715 million.

Yep, sounds like an efficient use of government resources to me, John. - Flesh Eating Drug Krokodil Hits Chicago, Yet DEA Liberals Remain Unaware

Dear Kids,

Comrade Ynot provides us with just another example of why you should stay away from drugs. Don't become a zombified, fleshing eating liberal with no reading comprehension, likely no hygiene either, toiling away in a basement or attic space, dependent upon Paypal payments deposited monthly in your account by the paymaster for the Republic of Zangaro and Sir James Manson.

And finally, once a reader asked me-- in essence—why it is that I take the time to write back to the liberals trolls and paid flacks and flunkies from the Soros Institute for Internet Trolling that post here at Townhall and Townhall Finance.

My reply—in essence—was that sometimes you had to just have to let art roll over you so that you could freely enjoy it, and not ask why.

Below, for your enjoyment, I share with you one of those times:

Monstermash wrote: "It’s a trend the U.S. should worry about too."

--John I have a doctorate in a social science and have long thought that this trend is INDEED something to worry about and it collates with the disintegration of traditional civic institutions that used to give rise to social order.

If the economy collapses, expect the new Khmer Rouge to be drawn from these freaks. Obviously I extend the metaphor a bit but THESE Will be King Barry's and Al Sharpton's messenger boys.

Mr_Green_Jeans wrote: I have taking time to read many of your postings.What was your thesis for your masters?

Monstermash wrote: I am sorry Mr. Green Jeans. I would never teach again if I revealed my identity. This is not America circa even 1980 anymore. This is the new diversity totalitarianism. No free speech tolerated. Thank you for your interest, however.

Mr_Green_Jeans wrote: You are a nutter.

Monstermash wrote: Totally : ) But what I love is that you are a totalitarian whackjob. So that kind of makes us even, doesn't it?

How does it feel to know that I have more degrees in one subject than you have had in your lifetime? And that is just in one subject?

I know about phony academia. What a load of nonsense that carp is. My guess is that you make your living in or around it, or certainly via the govt.

Mr_Green_Jeans wrote: I have a high regard for ongoing higher education. Most intelligent professionals have pride in stating and sharing the basis of their thesis.

oldshortfatboy wrote: That leaves you out, doesn't it, green sh!te?

MudontheTires wrote: "You are a nutter." Another stupid prog engages in transferance.

MudontheTires wrote: "I have a high regard for ongoing higher education."Which explains the idiocy of your posts.

AZhot wrote: What is your thesis for existing and taking up space and resources?

AZhot wrote: What a bag of carp you are!

TED107 wrote: Are you an over educated idiot or just an idiot claiming to be educated?

Daniel982 wrote: Have you seen what passes for "higher education" in most universities? If you don't see the socialist indoctrination, you are either blind or one of the cadres. - Flesh Eating Drug Krokodil Hits Chicago, Yet DEA Liberals Remain Unaware

That’s it for this week,



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