Do-Nothing, Vacation-Loving, Golf-Addicted, Underemployed, Underachieving Candidate (for Reelection)

Posted: Jun 08, 2012 12:01 AM

Mitt Romney hauled in almost 30 percent more money in May than Obama did, despite frantic efforts by the White House to relegate Obama’s job as president to a part-time gig in favor of all fundraising, all the time.

“The White House insisted this week that Mr. Obama still spends 'the vast preponderance of his time on his official duties,’” reports the New York Times, “But with his schedule increasingly crowded by fund-raisers and speeches that could easily double as campaign rallies, that case is getting harder and harder to make.”

Quick:  Notify the Bureau of Labor Statistics to “up” the official number of underemployed by one (+1) for May to account for Obama’s part-time presidency.

Ah, but Obama did hold his 150th fundraiser of the campaign cycle this week according to the Washington Post.

I wish Obama could get 150 votes for a budget; or for the war he waged in Libya; or for amnesty for illegal immigrants that he keeps promising Hispanics; or for his Stimulus Part II.

Or even one vote on a budget.

I guess that would presume that the president would have to submit a budget in something other than crayon. Or presume that he actually understands that the president is expected to do more than just stick his tongue out at congress.

So, in another sign of not just a failed presidency, but a failing president, Obama got his butt kicked by Mitt Romney in the race for campaign cash in May.

If this were, say, Patriots vs. Bears, Pats would be up 10-7 right now.

Not bad if you’re the Bears, but not a good score for a president who has the whole weight of the federal government at his disposal.         

“Romney and the Republican National Committee said Thursday that they raised a combined $76.8 million in May,” reports the WaPost, “which is nearly as much money as the presumed nominee brought in during the entire GOP primary season. Obama and the Democratic National Committee brought in $60 million, which was their best month so far but still lagged behind their opponent, campaign officials said.”

Gee, think the crappy economy might have something to do with it?


It’s probably just a fluke as the White House explains to the Post: “We’re focusing on continuing to grow our donor base.”

To where? Outer space? I thought the DNC already got the China-to-PLO-to-Egypt small dollar donations cranking in 2008? Maybe it’s me, but I’m thinking Chinese donors might be tapped out this time.

We’re used to the idea of the Golfer-in-Chief taking nine day, 18 hole vacations in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard and other places you and I can’t afford.

We’ve known for time that he was waaaay underemployed as president.

It kind explains the whole stubborn unemployment thing or debt debacle Obama won’t tackle.

But at least we could count on Obama, Master Orator; or Obama, Greatest Fundraiser in the History of World, Ever!

Sure, he’s a terrible a president, liberals acknowledged, but he speaks well on TV and he can raise a ton of money.

But now liberals have to accept that even in these areas where Obama’s accomplishments were real, that, yes, Sandra, 2008 was all just a terrible fluke. 

So let’s sum this up:

A do-nothing, vacation-loving, golf-addicted, underemployed, underachiever as president has now become do-nothing, vacation-loving, golf-addicted, underemployed, underachiever as a candidate.

I, for one, always knew they were the same guy.

I’m glad now that they’ve met.

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