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Posted: Oct 30, 2011 12:01 AM

The OWS crowd was pretty upset with the story OWS Goes All OWS on Itself this week; and an acccounting scandal in California Democrat Party has liberals crying: "It's the Repuplicans' fault; they did it too; we're blameless." Click away for another Email, Hate Mail session.    

Mac wrote: “Who have to live in their parent's basements til they get a job", Mr. many is that? Or has Karl Rove told you that it doesn't matter...just keep calling them slugs and do it often enough and eventually folks will believe it. Cast aspersions...true or not...matters little...just get the message out, huh? – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Mac,

I don’t know how many have to live in their parents’ basement. But if you want to be outraged maybe you should direct that outrage at the “faux” bleeding hearts with OWS who called homeless people who have nowhere to live- you know because the are homeless?- “professional homeless,” as a pejorative.

These “professional homeless” people are people who are mentally ill mostly, have nowhere to live and are at the very bottom rung of society. And liberals just showed the country again that when the chips are down they really don’t care for anyone.

How many groups are you going to sell-out before it becomes apparent?

You’ve sold out Hispanic, African Americans, the middle-class, the working-class, students, homeowners, the elderly; and everyone else.        

You know, I can dismiss your silly economic theories still, even though they are responsible for killing more people in the last century than any other cause, because the liberal mind is on the wrong side of retarded: “Tune-in, turn-on, drop out.”

But people like you choose to be hypocrites.

Don’t expect me not to call you out on it.          

Genya wrote: I lived under SOCIALISM for half of my life, the worst system. LOVE CAPITALISM. I hope all this IDIOTS will MOVE ON and take OBAMA with them .MOVE TO RUSSIA, THEY NEED NEW BLOOD. I mean president OBAMA and SOROS fit the need. – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Genya,

Well thanks for coming here and supporting freedom

How come we never hear about people defecting to socialist countries?

Socialism doesn’t work. And as it becomes apparent to people who live in socialist societies that it doesn’t work, socialist governments have to curtail liberty just to meet the basic needs of society, like feeding everyone. 

And then in order to preserve the appearance that socialism works, socialist governments have to suspend other liberties that allow them to continue to run the “Socialist Paradise Puppet Show” that propagandizes the beauty of socialism. 

Glad you made it out; glad you are here.    

Robert G Munck wrote: The business I ran for twelve years did $300K/employee the last year before I retired. That was about $275K profit. We did work both for private industry and for DISA (the Defense Information Systems Agency). Years earlier, I designed and helped implement the budgeting system for DoE field offices. I have a pretty detailed idea how dollars add up for a government agency. – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Robert,

Ah, you use standard government accounting methods when posting your erver-day defense of lie-beral economic nonsense. This explains why I’ve never once seen you make the lie-beral books balance for the rest of us folks who have to work in the real world.

No offense to you Bobby, but if you’re doing your math on DoE and DoD models- well, come on. I mean, I knew there was something wrong with your math, but now I know what it is.

Make way for Robert G. Munck, government insider! Now we know.                                                            

Pam wrote: I wonder where is the feminist outrage? Female protesters are afraid to stay there overnight because there is a bizarre "don't snitch" rule in place.  According to some protesters and one cop, "what goes on there, stays there."  Since when do victims of violent crime have to suck it up to protect the image?  I call myself a feminist and I say that's outrageous. – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Pam,

Where’s the feminist outrage?

I know a fair number of conservative women who would describe themselves as feminists like you do yourself. And they have the same problem with liberals that you do: Liberals are dumb.

They don’t even know how to stand up for the causes that they say they really believe in.

Seriously, Karl Rove couldn’t have thought up a better foil for conservatives than the Occupy Wall Streeters.

In 2008, there was a lot of talk about “Recreate ’68” in Denver for the Democrat Convention. Somehow though liberals got organizers to back down from the worst of the stunts they were going to pull because they realized how bad it would look for hippies to be marching in the street.

But you can only keep those people in check for so long when the president of the United States is one of them.

Gun Walking is the logical philosophical conclusion you arrive at when “no snitching” is one of your Ten Commandments.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

You can’t pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles. And you can’t enforce ANY laws when your president routinely ignores the law.      

Dianne wrote: Thanks to Townhall for keeping my posts up for almost half an hour now. That's probably a record, and I appreciate being able to say what I have to say without it being purged. The kitchen isn't closing, the staff asked at a meeting that the work be distributed more evenly, and it was done. This article is taking a small complaint and trying to turn it into a revolution against the OWS movement. The discussion took about 5 minutes, got heated, but was solved to everyone's satisfaction. You guys lie a lot, so there is no point in having your people attending meetings to find disagreements to exploit. It would be much more comfortable and not much less accurate to just make them up sitting by your computer.  – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Dianne,

We don’t delete a post on Townhall Finance unless they violate certain rules. Stay on topic, don’t try to hijack the thread, don’t be vulgar. Otherwise post away. Glad you can make it here and comment. I love all my readers.

As to the story, I didn’t say they were closing the kitchen. I took the facts in my column directly from widely-reported accounts. The accounts have not been called into question. The column was a tongue-and-cheek look at the hypocrisy of OWS movement that serves high-end food to protestors and then complains about the homeless wanting food. 

You can't see the hypocrisy of it all? Or are you just willfully blind to it?

But if you did invite me to come over so you could explain to me what you are protesting, I'd be very happy to give you unedited video to make your case to the rest of the country.   

Illinois Roy wrote: Years ago my wife worked for a bank. They hired someone to run the bank who had experience of that sort. Unfortunately that experience consisted mostly of embezzling from past employers. Guess what happened? What's my point? Well given the vast sums of money involved and the history of the folks in charge of that money I don't know why you would expect it to be any different this time. Take the money out of getting elected and you'll solve this problem. – in response to Westward Woe! California Democrat Party Loses Millions to Fraud

Dear Roy,

Why wouldn’t you just ban money entirely? If it weren’t for money, NONE of this would have happened. Or you could just suspend elections. That whole Constitution-Free Speech-Truth thing is a real pain for liberals. So, apparently, are Generally Accepted Accounting Practices.  

Mark wrote: Yep. That's NEVER happened to the GOP, has it? – in response to Westward Woe! California Democrat Party Loses Millions to Fraud

Dear Mark,

Please come back and give us specifics on when dozens of GOP candidates and issue committees hired someone who absconded with millions from the various campaigns. If you are going to put it out there at least back it up with facts. It may have happened. But I can’t remember an instance.   

Ron wrote: Since Jews control the New York Stock Exchange (according to OWSERS), move it to New Israel, and the NYSE Building could be living quarters for California liberals. Living conditions for the people who become citizens of New Israel would improve. – in response to Westward Woe! California Democrat Party Loses Millions to Fraud


You’re several tokes over the line here, even if you are trying to be funny. 

Gord wrote: Is Wesizwe a real person, or just a nut case? – in response to Luck of O'bama: Another CEO Bites the Dust

Dear Gord,

How about both?

He comes here and posts the same copy and paste stuff over and over again on every article. He changes names because we ban him daily. And then when he’s done each day, I LOVE deleting all of his comments.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that with a single click of a button, I can wipe out hours of work from the Soros propaganda factory. Ha, ha, what a sucker. Keep wasting your money George.     

Alan wrote: Alinsky, I believe, said to accuse your enemy of just what you are doing. So we have masses believing big money is funding Republicans, primarily, when Wall Street has given more money to Obama's unending campaign than to all Republicans, combined.

Won't hear that from OWS. – in response to Luck of O'bama: Another CEO Bites the Dust

Dear Alan,

Point taken. And a good point it is. But Alinsky’s rules are old, outdated and frankly don’t work. If they did, people would still be sustaining Obama.

Rules for Radicals today are just the last hurrah of bankrupt revolutionary thought.

“Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities,’ said Mark Twain, “truth is not.”

That’s why liberals often have good stories. But the stories never terminate with a happy ending. And now that conservatives can tell readers how the stories really end over the crosstalk of the left-liberal media, Alinsky’s days are drawing to a close.  

USNbubblehead wrote: I've had this conversation with some of my fellow students here at my university. Most never even thought about the government owning the paper for their student loans. I ask them "So, what happens when the economy doesn't rebound, you can't find a job, and the big G comes looking for its money?" I get blank stares. Then I say three letters: IRS, and two words: compulsory service. The most common response is, "I never thought about it like that."

Now they do. – in response to Luck of O'bama: Another CEO Bites the Dust

Dear USN,

Best. Comment. Of. The. Week.

Stay Navy, keep sailing. Or whatever the hell you guys do underwater.

That’s it for the week.



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PS Part 2- The email function at the top of the page working again. Sorry it took so long. Let the Hate Mail begin!

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