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This Week's Top Tweet: Mr President, DO Something

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Normally on Sunday’s I publish a lazy commentary on Tweets I like that that were pushed out during the week.

I do this because:

1)    I like Twitter and like to promote the format

2)    It’s a break from writing a news column

3)    My editor- me- lets me. (And by the way, using the words “I” “me” and “my” four times in one short list should in no way constitute an endorsement of Obama using the words habitually).

Today, though, I’m going to write an abbreviated version of This Week’s Top Tweets.

I went out on Friday night and had a beer, a burger and some onion rings with a friend.

We got to talking about what two or more conservatives always talk about when they are gathered in a city that whispers his name: Obama.

We both agreed that for the next 90 days Obama should declare a moratorium on speeches.

Instead of versifying, Obama should try something radical.

He should try doing something.

He doesn’t have to do everything either.

He just has to do ONE thing.

It almost doesn’t matter what it is, as long as the president spends some time applying himself to accomplishing something.

As a courtesy, we’ve come up with some suggestions:

Balance the budget: I know it’s a big document, but get up in the morning Mr. President, garb a Sharpie and some coffee and go through the budget line by line.

Spend a relaxed summer like this.

When in doubt, strike it out.

Show up for Congressional talks on cutting the budget: No offense to Joe Biden, but perhaps letting him work on a budget deal in a bunker at an undisclosed location wasn’t the best move on your part.

Isn’t that how you ended up with unpopular stimulus packages and an unworkable healthcare reform package that bears your name?

Perhaps if you participated in the budget negotiations, you could stop them from attaching your name to the final version like they did with Obamacare.

They sure stuck it to you on that one!

You’d hate to end up with a budget that’s called ObamaCard™.

I can guarantee you that a budget like that won’t work in your favor on election day.

Head to the Gulf and get some drilling going: Like they say, it’s jobs, jobs, jobs, Mr. President. Nothing has more potential to make you popular than being seen as the guy who got oil out of the ground and into the economy, using good American workers.

Host peace talks: With who? Anyone, everyone.

Hold peace talks on Libya.

I know it’s awkward holding “peace talks” when we are not at war, but you could do it if you wanted. Hey maybe this year you could get another Nobel prize for ending at war you started.

How’s that for irony?

Alternately, hold direct talks with the Palestinians and Israel at Camp David. It’s nice up there this time of year.   

Come up with a real energy plan: No more speeches to nowhere, Mr. President, on matters of policy.

Spend an hour each day writing down five things the country can do to create more energy.

Forget about saving energy.

Energy is one of the most abundant resources in the universe.

We will run out of water before we run out of energy.

Again these are just suggestions.

The president will have to figure out what he wants to do first.

And if he stops giving speeches, he’ll have a lazy summer to figure it out.

This Week’s Top Tweet I Like:

bamransom John Ransom  Mr. Pres For 90 days, stop speaking, DO something, anything. Create jobs, cut the budget, bring us peace. Something. #tcot #gop #economy

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