Obama Saves/Creates Us!

Posted: May 13, 2011 12:01 AM
Obama Saves/Creates Us!

During Obama’s campaign infomercial that CBS News produced on Wednesday regarding the economy and jobs, he showed again why he is unfitted for the job of president.

In an exchange with a Karen Gallo, a federal employee with the National Zoo who is being laid off because the rest of us can’t afford to keep paying more and more for a zoo every year, CBS News served a huge floating fastball for the president to hit out of the park.

Our country is in trouble, read the sub-text, and only Obama can save it!

Putting aside the fact that no self-respecting person with real confidence would promote themselves in this way, I wonder what Obama thought he was suppose to be doing in his first three years as president?

Now all of a sudden he wants to be relevant again?   

After Gallo complained that she’ll be out of work soon, and explained that she is pregnant and building a house, Obama took his cut:  

“Workers like you,” O gravely told Gallo, “for the federal state and local governments are so important for our vital services. And it frustrates me sometimes when people talk about ‘government jobs’ as if those are worth less than private sector jobs.”

No offense to the National Zoo folks, who I know work very hard, but the zoo provides no real “vital services” to anyone over 4 feet tall outside of a petting zoo.

The administration couldn’t come up with a better shill for government make-work than Gallo? In Washington, D.C.?

Obama later went on to blame rising unemployment numbers on Republicans who are demanding that governments lay-off workers.

Sorry, O, but those government jobs that you’re so fond of ARE worth less than private sector jobs. If saving/creating more government jobs could make us rich, we’d be swimming in money.

My job and those of my colleagues, is paid for by advertisers. We’re expected to increase readership, increase revenues and make a profit. I know profit is considered an ugly word in the president’s administration.

But if we can’t make a profit, then we shut our doors.

We’re the people whose income-taxes fund federal employees. Without us being successful first, the federal government shuts down. Federal employees pay income taxes too, but again, that money too starts with those us in the private sector.      

The federal government has gone on an unprecedented spending spree since 2009, with the number of employees in the federal workforce going over over 2 million jobs.

Obama created those jobs, not by creating more revenue, like the rest of us do. No, he did so by cashing a blank check on the credit of the private sector.

Despite the fact that the federal government can’t make its nationalized retirement scheme and medicals schemes solvent- schemes also known as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid- after decades of reform, the credit markets still lent the Feds money.

They did so on the strength of the private sector economy. They didn’t give Obama a block grant. This wasn’t a presidential student loan for him.

It’s real money that the rest of us have to repay.  

If we can’t start our “shared sacrifice” that he is asking us all to indulge him in by cutting a dozen or more government jobs at the zoo, they’re will be no hope for the private sector.

It’s time for Obama to show some sympathy for those of us in the private sector who know a lot more about what a real job looks like than he does.    

Note: A previous version of this article claimed that civilian workforce of the federal government has doubled since 2009. The correct statistic that should have been cited was that the federal workforce went over 2 million jobs. We regret the error.

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