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Paul Sakuma

Our military and federal law enforcement structures are rotten. The culture of the armed forces has been corrupted by subversive campaigns to degrade our ability to confront, deter, and destroy the adversary — particularly the Chinese.  


COVID mandates were designed to cull those who aren’t automatons. Liberal, compromised politicians have waged a psyops war to demoralize our troops by foisting humiliation (i.e. the Afghanistan “withdrawal” debacle) and confusion (the LGBT identity psychosis) on our military men and women. It’s a rust that erodes the chain of command and oxidizes discipline and good order. 

The culture of the armed forces has been corrupted just like the culture at the FBI — by the same people. 

In many respects, the FBI is a paramilitary organization. It shares a deference to chain of command like the military. And, it’s a massive bureaucracy staffed by cumbersome layers of management. It’s a top down organization just like the military.

“Defund the FBI,” has become a fashionable trope. But this time, oddly enough, the rant is coming from the right, not the left, having just run out of hot air for “defund the police.” 

Would you say it’s reasonable to sloganeer for “defund the Marine Corps” just because there are politicized elements inside the Pentagon? The statement seems absurd on its face. In real, practical terms how would you replace the Marine Corps? And, even if you could perform such a herculean task, would it be any better than the storied branch of the Armed Forces that currently exists? 

I think not. Imagine, for instance, a monstrous DHS with the added jurisdiction of the FBI. 

The same questions can be asked of those who currently campaign for defunding the FBI. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to excise the rottenness at the head, provide real leadership at the Senior Executive Service level and allow the top down imposition of culture to take effect? 


The solution to the problem is not as simplistic as “defund the FBI,” which makes for a great sound bite or spirited mantra for political rallies. Whipping up a torch-lit rabble is a piece of cake if you scent the air with institutional blood and dance around the boogie man burning in effigy. 

The real problem is, the boogie man is really a hydra. Chop one head off and a new one sprouts to replace it. 

The scope of the problem is beyond those disgruntled simpletons who peddle a nursery tale narrative. Defunding the FBI is just another attack on the good men and women of the FBI — and, yes, without a doubt, they do exist and in large numbers. 

Just like the mythical Lernean Hydra, Washington, D.C.’s many-headed serpent is a swamp creature. The destruction of the mythical beast became one of the 12 Labors of Heracles. The monster is usually represented with 9 heads, but the number varies. Only one head is immortal, and so, Heracles assisted by his nephew Lolaus set out to destroy the beast. As Heracles wielded his sword, chopping off heads, Lolaus cauterized them behind him. Finally, Heracles chopped off the immortal head and buried it. 

Institutional nihilists, who flippantly opine about burning down the FBI are just swinging at one of the regenerating heads. It’s really worse than naiveté; it’s abject stupidity. It’s at least as stupid as supporting a movement to defund the Marine Corps. 

The immortal head is the deep state that slithers and winds through our permanent bureaucracy. Nixon was the first to attempt to root out the beast, and Trump followed in those noble Nixonian footsteps.


But would-be personalities aren’t interested in real answers — hysterics and snake oil solutions are good for boosting follower counts. 

We do need our Heracles and heads do need to roll. 

The heads of the FBI and the Department of Justice need to be politically decapitated and cauterized. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be a public hue and cry for defunding the DOJ. The people who militate for abolishing the FBI don’t seem to give so much as a passing thought to the corruption erupting like Mt. Vesuvius from the Department of Justice. Strange.  

In terms of U.S. Federal Law Enforcement, the DOJ and FBI work hand-in-glove. DOJ is the hand, and the FBI is the glove — or in Director Wray’s case, Attorney General Merrick Garland is the hand and Wray is the sock puppet. 

The DOJ houses our nation’s federal prosecutors. The FBI, theoretically, is charged with the duty of investigating federal crimes, the DOJ has the responsibility to prosecute them. This relationship necessitates a close working relationship between the two federal agencies, and FBI agents work closely with Assistant U.S. Attorneys to bring cases to trial and support the prosecution of federal crimes. 

Former FBI Director James Comey assumed the role of investigator and prosecutor when he declared Hillary Clinton’s criminal acts to be unworthy of prosecution during his infamous July 5, 2016 press conference — it was a partisan act from a partisan hack and supercharged the culture of politicization at the FBI.   


Comey was a neophyte at partisan hackery compared to our current Attorney General. AG Merrick Garland is the heart of darkness behind much of the current politicization rampant in the halls of FBI HQ. 

The Mar-a-Lago raid, the persecution of January 6th protestors, the hounding and criminalization of parents who question school boards, is all driven by a prosecutorial culture emanating from the office of the Attorney General. The FBI is certainly not blameless, but the Bureau’s extreme politicization in recent months is a symptom of a much more sinister disease. 

There is certainly much more to uncover about FBI malfeasance. The Twitter Files are painting an embarrassing, disfigured portrait of the FBI with warts and festering wens in full view.   

For the FBI, culture is downstream of leadership. Here’s a real answer: give the good men and women of the FBI the leadership they deserve — beginning with the White House.  

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