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Plumber Prediction

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Joe the Plumber conceded Monday night that Republican John McCain has a slim chance of defeating Democrat Barack Obama in the race for the White House.

Joe Wurzelbacher, the unemployed Ohio plumber who recently was thrust into the national spotlight after quizzing Mr. Obama about his tax policy, made his prediction on the presidential election while being interviewed by this columnist on Inside the Beltway Radio.

"Your common sense, again, just to reiterate, is it's going to be a tough one if John McCain's going to pull it out tomorrow?" Mr. Wurzelbacher was asked. "Most definitely," he replied.


It remains to be seen whether it will be President John McCain or President Barack Obama, but if it's tradition you're after, it's not too early to buy tickets to a Jan. 20 inaugural ball.

Tickets go on sale this morning for the George Washington University Inaugural Ball. If purchased by midnight, tickets cost $85 each rising in price Wednesday to $100, until such time they are sold out. The GW-hosted ball will be held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel on Calvert Street NW.

Meanwhile, Ed Perez, president of the Texas State Society and chairman of the 2009 Black Tie & Boots Inaugural Ball, had suggested that "it's not too early to sign up for the hottest inaugural event in Washington." (Actually, the Black Tie & Boots venue for the 2009 Inaugural will be the new Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Prince George's County.)

The previous seven Black Tie & Boots balls were sold out, including four years ago, when more than 12,000 guests came out to honor Texas native George W. Bush.


Thousands of women from Team Sarah, the fan base of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, will be wearing their hair in updos on this Election Day to show their solidarity with the Alaska governor.

The women hope their unique hairstyles will pique people's interest in the presidential election and win over some of the estimated 8 or 9 percent of undecided voters.


Speaking of Sarah Palin's updo (or "half updo," as women-in-the-know constantly correct this columnist), Christine Brooks-Cropper, president and CEO of the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, says it is "safe to say that this has been one of the more fashionable get-out-the-vote campaigns since John Kerry's face was silk-screened on every colored T-shirt imaginable."

Meanwhile, as Washington prepares to greet its new president-elect and first lady-to-be, the fashion CEO is encouraging local fashionistas not to let down their guards just yet.

"After 21 long campaign months, you resisted the temptation to ask your colleagues point blank: Who are you voting for? The equivalent of asking someone how much they paid for their Louboutins or custom-made suit," she points out in the chamber's November newsletter.

"But you are not off the hook just yet. Following Election Day, Washingtonians will prepare for months of parties, culminating in the political event of the year, the inaugural ball. The festivities are not exempt from political battlegrounds, even if you are all on the same team.

"When engaging in political discourse, remember boundaries and remain impartial. The fashionista inside will automatically divert the conversation and save the day with: 'What excites you about the spring trends this coming year?'"

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