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The Washington Establishment Fears A Second Term Trump

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Establishment politicians, both Republican and Democrat, are still mad that former President Donald Trump won the presidency, upsetting the apple cart with his America First agenda. It is understandable if his personality rubs someone wrong; he's not perfect, and no man is—however, presidential policies and how those strategies work for the country matter. Here we sit just a year and a half after his departure, with gas prices doubling and record inflation at over 9 percent. And the establishment in Washington D.C. still cannot accept the fact Trump won or that he could hold the highest office in the land again.


Many inside the Beltway and across America could not believe that Trump won the Republican primary in 2016, and that shock continued through Election Day in November of the same year. Trump was not supposed to win. How could he beat a long-time politician such as Hillary Clinton? That answer is simple: Americans are tired of the same lies from Washington D.C. career politicians. How dare The People put Trump in their exclusive club?

In reality, the politicians in Washington on the January 6 committee who supported the witch hunt and promoted the hearsay hearings are scared. Oftentimes, second-term presidents operate differently than in their first term. The first term is perhaps a bit more moderate and not too extreme since they are working for the second round from day one. However, once a president gets reelected, things often change. The sitting president is more aggressive with their personal or party's agenda.

The Washington establishment politicians know that a second term for Trump will be a problem. Here we have a man who has been lied about, called a racist, traitor, unstable, mentally ill, etc., all of which are unfounded. Trump is angry, and rightfully so. If the long-time politicians let Trump take his second term in office, there will likely be a large upending and exposure in the bureaucratic ranks.

The January 6 committee was not formed to find any truth; all of the gossip "witnesses" make that evident. The January 6 panel was created in another effort to damage Trump and make him unelectable, but that did not happen. Instead, the commission failed to make any substantial headway toward its political goal: to get rid of Trump for good. If anything, they exposed there is no case against him, just hatred.


Towards the end of the hearings, the mainstream media got anyone that has hate for Trump in front of a camera and started the narrative that Trump could face criminal charges, a complete farce. Nothing was uncovered that would rise to the level of criminal prosecution and conviction. Warrant affidavits and actual courtroom, not kangaroo court, require first-hand witness testimony. But in a typical political fashion, some agenda-driven individuals get in front of a camera and spout off lies and other misinformation to drum up votes.

One critical portion of the January 6 committee is timing. The entire charade is about stopping Trump-endorsed candidates in the November 2022 midterms; and in November of 2024, blocking Trump's last chance.

 If Trump wins a second election, what he did from 2017-2021 will be child's play. It will be unlike what Washington has seen, striking fear into establishment Washington politicians and bureaucrats. In his first term, Trump trusted too many people from the Beltway; his second term would likely be even more destructive to D.C. politics. At this point in our country's history, nearly everything that comes out of Washington is from fear of Trump or his surrogates upsetting the apple cart. For decades, politicos in Washington generally got the elected official they desired; if not, they were able to mold that individual into a corrupt Washington politician.

Washington D.C. does not do anything for the American people. Their motivations are governed by greed and fear of losing power. Trump brought the pinnacle of fear of exposure during his time in office. Now, lifetime politicians are doing everything within their power to stop him, which will be much more complicated since he brought results. Meanwhile, Biden has been the antithesis of America First bringing destruction.


Suppose an individual objectively looks at how Washington D.C. reacted to Trump's election and potential second term. In that case, they will see that establishment politicians do not care about American citizens, only their selfish ambitions.

Fear is a motivator, especially when exposure is at your doorstep. 

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