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Every. Single. Day. The mainstream media creates chaos. If you get your news from any legacy news outlet, you get inundated with a barrage of attacks and lies about President Trump. One of the most common deceptions is “Trump is a racist.” Ironically, he was not a racist until after he threw his hat into the 2016 presidential election cycle. One would think that someone with as much brand recognition as Trump would have been exposed to racism already. The media has lied so often about Trump that they have driven people to the point of lying about racist attacks that are often proven to be untrue.


Recently, in Georgia, a former National Football League player took it upon himself to vandalize his restaurant using the term MAGA, Swastikas and other racial epitaphs in spray paint. Unfortunately for him, the police stopped him when he was leaving his business with flat-screen televisions that were torn out from the walls. Investigators later conducted a search warrant on his truck, finding tools used to damage his restaurant. 

Earlier this year, in January, actor Jussie Smollett claimed that he was attacked by two white men wearing ski masks while they were yelling “This is MAGA country.” He was later charged with filing a false police report. However, before Smollett was charged, the mainstream media ran with his story as quickly as they could to blame Trump. The charges were dropped under suspicious circumstances, but the evidence is still there.

The list could go on as there are approximately 20 hate crime hoaxes that have hit the news since November of 2016.

However, what happens when the media consistently tells us Trump has racist tendencies, and they cannot prove it? What occurs when they are proven wrong, and Trump keeps winning, and the press keeps losing? Answer: news consumers go insane.

The left cannot help themselves. The left-wing network news commentators, pundits and hosts call Trump a racist but they give vague examples if anything at all. Here we are years into his presidency, and black unemployment is the lowest ever on record. Trump also signed a criminal reform bill that was lobbied by Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West. However, to the news, none of that matters because they cannot control him.


The media’s reporting on alleged racist attacks has been nothing short of irresponsible. It is no secret that the legacy media is an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party. They report an incident then they bring on commentators and pundits to specifically bash Trump. Once the truth comes out, there might be a blurb about the falsehood, and they move along, but the damage is done. 

Irresponsible reporting has hurt the country. The left consistently says that Trump sews seeds of division, but this is a classic case of projection.  

At what point will the media do what they are supposed to do and report the facts objectively? My prediction: never. At this point, the mainstream media has dug in and will not change. The fact is that they do not care about the truth. They are concerned with driving down Trump’s approval numbers at any cost – even their reputation.

The legacy media has been reduced to shambles in their quest to destroy Trump. In the past, they create someone then crushed them at will. Trump has exposed the media. The people who allegedly “reported the news” lie in an attempt to mind bend the audience. They have succeeded in some ways and failed in others. Fortunately, the internet has created a platform where other news sites determined to tell the truth have been born. 

As the left has attacked Trump, they have reduced the word “racist.” Liberals and leftists abused a powerful word, reducing it to a common term. If their claims were valid, the word would still hold meaning.


If there were evidence that Trump was prejudice against people of color, the word would mean something; however, after three years of rhetoric from the mainstream media, there is no proof and its driven people to commit crimes. 

John Dempsey is a graduate of American Military University and has a deep understanding of law enforcement issues and how they relate to the Constitution, society and our culture. He’s also a columnist for and has been published in and He can be followed on Twitter @John_Demp83.

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