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More Failed Virtue Signaling from The Left

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Every time there is a mass shooting, the left quickly jumps on the opportunity to politicize the event and push their agenda – unless the incident occurs in heavily gun-controlled Chicago. 

In light of the recent mobile active shooter incident in Odessa and Midland, Texas, where multiple people died, and many were injured, failed presidential candidate and leftist Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell tweeted, mocking the “good guy with a gun” mantra that Second Amendment advocates often use. 

His tweet said, “Big shout out to all the civilian ‘good guys with guns’ who saved lives in Odessa. You know who you are. Thanks a million. *btw Texas IS an open carry state.”

Several people from unknown Twitter users to blue-check verified blasted Swalwell for his tweet. 

One problem with the left is their obsession with virtue signaling. Whenever there is a tragic event that involves firearms, they quickly jump on Twitter to blame the Second Amendment and not the maniac that used the gun. Leftists rapidly say that they are the superior politicians because they “want to do something” about firearms. 

The left cannot rightfully use their political stance to claim moral superiority in the gun debate. The left uses women’s rights as a guise for killing unborn babies. The Democratic Party has used “free” items such as housing, food, and other government programs to recapture votes election-after-election cycle continually. It’s smart politics – of course. Is it virtuous? Not even close.

I am not saying that the Republican Party is utterly moral in all that they do. However, since the election of President Trump, Democrats have wholly become unhinged and shown their true colors. 

The issue of abortion is the left’s most crucial hypocritical topic. Left-wing actress Alyssa Milano recent let out a barrage of tweets after the moving active shooter incident. She used a 17-month-old infant who was shot by the psychopath. She posted an emotional tweet going into detail of the injuries intended for gun owners to feel bad that they possess firearms. 

For days, Milano went on about the infant and Swalwell is on a crusade to confiscate firearms that he – a member of the federal government – deems too dangerous for the citizenry to own. He is a prime example of what our Founding Fathers warned us about, but I digress. 

One of the most disturbing parts about Milano using the infant is that she’s politicizing a baby who was injured in an attempt to further the left’s political goals – all the while she is proud of her two abortions. 

Ultimately, the issue of gun control comes down to one thing for Democrats: government control. The pro-choice stance on abortion makes it difficult to believe that the left truly cares about children. 

The Democrats are power-hungry and seeking full control. The only way to get a hold of the American people is to get our weaponry. One way to do it is to continually bark that those who do have weapons and support the Second Amendment do not care about tragic events like mass shootings – gun shaming. They want to make gun-owners feel bad so that more and more guns are out of the homes of law-abiding citizens. 

Swalwell’s tweet was ignorant at best. The famous “good guys with a gun” adage is accurate. It is obtuse to ignore the fact that guns do save lives daily and to the tune of a million times a year on average, according to the Center for Disease Control in 2013. He must have forgotten that it was an AR-15 and a good guy with a gun that stopped the 2017 church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. 

Guns are in the way of the leftist political agenda. Democratic politicians have demonized people who own guns and support the Second Amendment. 

Swalwell’s mocking of “good guys with a gun” saying was dim-witted. The left attacks what is a threat to their political aspirations. In the end, good guys with a gun exist daily, and we need more of them – not less.  

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