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The Tommy Robinson Case Is a Human Rights Issue

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England is becoming a scary place to live unless you are a radical Islamist. This week Tommy Robinson, an outspoken critic of Muslim extremism in Britain, was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 13 months in prison all in a matter of about five hours. He never physically attacked anyone or caused any property damage or mayhem. He was live streaming as a citizen journalist. The broadcast was about a group of Islam men, who in court for rape and sexually groomed victims of human trafficking, and was in trial. How dare he.

Tommy Robinson is an enemy of the English government. He fervently pushes back against open borders and the influx of migrants. He was arrested for Breach of Peace, even though he caused no riots. Since his arrest, citizens have protested in favor of Robinson.

The method in which Robinson was arrested, tried and sentenced should remind you of one thing- Soviet communist Russia. 

Communism touted the importance of a free press at first. Once the powers were in place, the leaders demanded the media to blackout specific issues, and citizens were arrested for speaking against communism. 

After Robinson was sentenced, the judge placed a gag order on the media for any coverage on this event and the aftermath. The judge is censoring the press in case anything terrible happens to Robinson. 

Human rights are the issue. We should be thankful for being able to disagree with the government without fear verbally. The police were wrong for placing Robinson into custody because he was reporting a trial that wasn’t politically correct. The charges should have been dismissed. However, when there is a government that cares more about the feelings of sex traffickers than the citizens, this is what happens.

Communism is about society, not the individual. History has proven that under communism the rights of individuals suffer. For instance, the English government feels that radical Islam is good for society. Therefore, Robinson should not be able to report the status of the trial because of the charges. England has allowed Sharia Law to flourish. The court case is a poor reflection on the Muslim community and the government. 

Freedom of speech is only beneficial under a communist society when the words benefit the leaders. You must ask yourself if Robinson was reporting on five non-Islamists would he have been arrested. The answer is, of course, no. 

The opportunity to speak the truth is a human right. However, it is not a right to not be offended. The essence of liberty is being allowed to talk your mind about anything, including the government. Our Founding Fathers understood what it was like to have the authorities suppress their speech, and placed it at the top of the Bill of Rights for a reason.

Britain hasn’t declared themselves to be a communist state. However, the detainment of Robinson has shown flavors of Marxism spread about the government. 

Robinson’s arrest is intended to terrify citizenry into silence. He is an example of what not to do. People should stay silent, and there won’t be any problems. However, if they merely report about an arrest, or specific court case, they will be promptly taken into custody, and thrown in the jail. 

England is the first western country to follow the Soviet and North Korean path to denying human rights. 

Way to go, chaps

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