No, Mayor De Blasio, Trump Has Not Shown Disdain for Immigration

Posted: May 26, 2018 12:01 AM
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No, Mayor De Blasio, Trump Has Not Shown Disdain for Immigration

The left is deeply embedded in identity politics. Hillary Clinton took this movement and ran with it in the 90s. For years, she said that the Republicans hated women, eventually making it part of the Democratic platform. The most recent trend is illegal immigration. Recently, President Trump made some comments about MS-13, calling them animals. The Democrat broadcasting service, also known as the mainstream media, did some creative editing to make the footage look like Trump hates immigrants. Liberals may be overplaying their hand.

The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, was on MSNBC a couple of days ago. He said that Trump was using MS-13 “to paint Latinos as dangerous in our country.” He went on to say that he read the transcript from Trump’s remarks about the violent gang, saying there are “only a few” MS-13 members in this country. However, there are approximately 10,000 members in America. Just one is too many. In downplaying the number, de Blasio is placing American citizens in danger, and being intellectually dishonest about their volatility. 

Trump hasn’t shown any disdain for legal immigration. In fact, he encourages it. The president is rightfully against illegal immigrants who come over, take jobs from American citizens, and then send the money that is earned back home, taking hundreds of billions of dollars out of the United States economy. 

Democrats and never Trumpers have consistently attacked the president for his stance on immigration. Are their grumblings effective? Probably not. There are Americans who are out of work because an illegal immigrant took their job. Their pay is suppressed. And some citizens are on welfare against their will due to an illegal immigrant, or they are working two jobs. 

Those who are suffering see Trump trying to slow down illegals, and this gives them hope. The Democratic Party steps in and say they are against the president’s immigration agenda. Liberals don’t understand that not everyone wants to live off of the government. They want the freedom and satisfaction of being gainfully employed. 

Let’s not forget the citizens who have lost loved ones due to illegals committing crimes in this country. Democrats and the media quickly come to the side of illegal aliens in defense of them when they are criticized. 

The left is not the party for American citizens. Politicians have let themselves get so deep into the so-called Trump derangement syndrome they can’t see the self-inflicted damage, but that’s okay. 

Democrats don’t need to stop. They should continue down the road of protecting illegal aliens. Trump and midterm politicians need to push the illegal alien issue. Democrats should be put in a position where they publicly choose between illegal aliens, or American citizens (including legal immigrants).

Don’t forget that Democrats are the ones who created the DACA debacle. Obama created an unconstitutional edict, causing a legal issue for all the recipients. Now, Trump has to fix it. Hillary was supposed to leave it. 

Let’s see if the newest identity politics fad on the left pays off in November.