Jerry Seinfeld Is Well Ahead of Other Comedians

Posted: May 15, 2018 12:00 PM
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Jerry Seinfeld Is Well Ahead of Other Comedians

Celebrities have opinions they like to share. Sometimes, what they have to say comes and goes without a blink, and other times it dominates a news cycle. In most cases, their thoughts are insignificant and don’t matter. President Trump is attacked on a regular basis by alleged comedians on late night talk shows. Jimmy Kimmel is one of Trump’s most prominent attackers. But has Kimmel become bored with his verbal assaults?

Recently, Deadline interviewed Kimmel. He was asked if there was a “barrel full of barbs” for Trump in his upcoming ABC standup routine show. He surprisingly said he only had a few shots and wanted to focus on other things to make fun of. Kimmel went on to say that he believes Americans are getting tired of constant Trump bashing. 

Kimmel is not the only one who has consistently assaulted Trump. Saturday Night Live, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and many others have been on a tirade for well over a year and a half. However, the president has continued to thrive despite the opposition and pushback from his party as well. 

The constant anti-Trump punchlines can only go on for so long.

Americans know that comedy is supposed to be funny, not a political lecture. However, the left seems to have a problem understanding this. Their lack of comprehension should not be surprising given the inability to understand sarcasm. Right, Hillary?

Jerry Seinfeld understands that comedy and politics don’t marry well. David Letterman interviewed Seinfeld on his Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” Letterman asked Seinfeld if he has any Trump jokes. He said there are no Trump jokes, but he does have some “raisin stuff” quickly changing the subject.

Seinfeld gets it. He understands that comedy is supposed to be an outlet. Many people use laughter as a way to escape reality for a few moments. Only a miserable person would read or watch the news all day, just to come home and want to be bombarded with more stories in the form of fake comedy. 

Leftism has polluted television in other ways as well. Just ask the Nation Football League. The left has pushed politics into televisions during sports events. Now, during halftime of football games we have to listen to Bob Costas lecture us like children. Forcing political agendas is getting old. 

Kimmel is right about one thing. Americans are tired of the jokes. We also see the hypocrisy. Kimmel gave a monologue where he cried in favor of Obamacare with his son in his arms. People don’t tune in to see the host crying while using his son as a political prop. 

People like Kimmel are making Trump a victim. Their vicious attacks have become childish and worn out. The left is starting to help Trump at this point. 

The days of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno are gone. They were real comedians with excellent delivery. Kimmel, Colbert and the others are political operatives who can’t tell a joke with a political slant. 

Jerry Seinfeld is the only comedian that understand politics and comedy don’t mix well. How’s that for the man who created a magnificent show about nothing?