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Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

Globalists feel now is their time to pick the next American president. Bill Clinton was groomed by the world elite for decades until they made him president, and Hillary was to be their encore in 2016 until that was foiled by Trump.


Trump remains their nemesis, and his presidency stood in favor of America First and against globalism, world government, phony free trade, and perpetual foreign wars. Biden was not the candidate globalists really wanted in 2020, and was nominated only after it became obvious that none of the other Democrats had any chance of winning the general election.

But the growing discontent with Biden has spread to rank-and-file Democrat voters. Only 37% of ordinary Democrats want Biden for a second term, according to the latest poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. 

Time is running out for Biden to get his numbers up with Democrats, and father time points to further mental decline by him. If credible Democrat rivals jump into the race, Biden will have to participate in debates later this year, and it is difficult to see how he would survive politically. 

The first presidential debate on the Republican side will be in August in Milwaukee, where the Republican National Convention will also be held next year. Candidates who refuse to support Trump if he’s the nominee will not be allowed to participate because RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel just required a loyalty pledge by all debate participants. 

That rules out Paul Ryan and anyone like him from being relevant. Ryan just declared that he will not attend the Republican National Convention next year if Trump is the nominee, similar to how Ohio Gov. John Kasich refused to attend the convention in his home state where Trump was nominated in 2016.


Trump then ignored Kasich, who became irrelevant, and Trump single-handedly turned Ohio solidly Republican. Ryan and other Never-Trumpers face a similar exile for grandstanding now against the presumptive Republican nominee Trump. 

Trump’s enemies are sock puppets of globalism, and rather than criticizing Trump they should be working to grow the Republican Party in the pivotal swing states. Ryan should have worked harder to hold onto the GOP majority in the House in 2018 and help win Wisconsin in 2020, when instead, Ryan quit at a young age and carps against Trump now. 

The more intriguing political backstabbing is among the Democrat insiders, where the infighting is over everything from picking the location of their national convention to which primaries will be held first. The traditional one-two sequence held by the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary disfavors Biden, who did poorly there in 2020, so he misused his incumbency power to demote them. 

Biden’s insistence on changing 50 years of tradition shows how imperiled his political future within his own party is. By installing the small Republican state of South Carolina as first among Democrat primaries, Biden is trying to renominate himself because he ran strongest there in 2020. 


But it is worse than that because Biden is pledging our country to support a perpetual war in Ukraine to appease globalists who control the presidential nomination process. “The strategy of politics, like an iceberg, is eight-ninths under the surface,” Phyllis Schlafly wrote in 1964 in A Choice Not An Echo, her bestselling book about this issue. 

On Monday, Biden sent his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to Kyiv, Ukraine, merely a week after Biden himself visited there. Our Treasury Secretary should not fly into a foreign war to pledge unlimited funding of it at American taxpayer expense, but that is exactly what globalists want. 

South American countries, led by Brazil, have been attempting to broker peace in Ukraine. For that, globalists persuaded Germany to retaliate against Brazil by blocking shipment of Brazilian goods unrelated to the war. 

Meanwhile, Biden oddly refuses to visit the toxic train wreck in Ohio, and dispatches his leading rival, Pete Buttigieg, to visit it instead. This posturing by Biden makes little sense if he is trying to defeat Trump, who did visit, but Biden may view Buttigieg as his more immediate hurdle for the nomination. 

Suddenly there is news of an investigation of Buttigieg’s use of government planes, which may be pursued by the Biden Administration to dampen enthusiasm by the globalists for Buttigieg. He was groomed by the foreign Rhodes Scholar program, as was Bill Clinton, and many globalists view Buttigieg as their first choice as Bill Clinton was. 


Joe Biden has not spoken at the globalist confab in Davos since January 2017. In contrast, globalists prominently promote their favored Buttigieg on their website, touting him as “one of the most visible political figures from the Millennial generation” and even “a winner of the JFK Library Foundation New Frontier Award.” 

John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the continuing Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations with writing and policy work.

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