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President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General was perhaps the finest Cabinet pick of any president in the last half-century. Senator Sessions will bring much-needed enforcement of our immigration laws to the Department of Justice.


The perfect encore would be Kris Kobach to head the Department of Homeland Security. Currently serving as Secretary of State in Kansas, Kobach has been a conservative leader on immigration and other issues for more than a decade and served on the Republican platform committee every convention since 2008, adding strong language for Second Amendment rights. .

This year Kobach was credited with inserting a provision into the platform to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico, as Trump repeatedly promised. Instead of milquetoast language about electronic monitoring, the platform calls for a physical barrier on our southern border.

On Sunday, the athletic-looking Kobach met with Trump amid the rolling hills in New Jersey, and Kobach was evidently loaded with fabulous ideas for real immigration reform. A photographer caught a glimpse of how prepared Kobach was, by snapping a picture that happened to include a portion of Kobach’s detailed, typewritten agenda for his nearly hour-long meeting with Trump.

Thanks to high-resolution photography, we can see that Kobach’s agenda for Homeland Security began with “extreme vetting for high-risk aliens; question them about support for Sharia law” and continued with “reduce intake of Syrian refugees to zero.” Reinstatement of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) would insure that “all aliens from high-risk areas are tracked.”


Also visible in Kobach’s written plan was a promise to deport a “record number of criminal aliens in the first year” and to begin a “rapid build” of the border wall. He would also “draft amendments to National Voter Registration Act” allowing states to require proof of citizenship from persons registering to vote.

Kobach was long a favorite of Phyllis Schlafly, who had him speak at her conferences and arranged to file legal briefs in defense of his laws against illegal aliens. Kobach’s proactive approach to reversing illegal immigration makes him the ideal candidate for the Cabinet-level position of Secretary of Homeland Security.

Kobach, aged 50, has a prodigious intellect and limitless energy that would boost Trump’s entire Cabinet. In addition to immigration, Kobach is also an expert on voting laws, which would be immensely helpful to the new Department of Justice as it unwinds Obama Administration policies in blocking state-initiated election reforms.

Kobach and Phyllis Schlafly were visionaries in sounding the alarm bells about the harm caused by immigration long before the issue tipped the balance in a presidential election. Kobach even wrote some of the ordinances used by cities to push back against an overwhelming influx of illegal immigration that burdened their schools, hospitals, and law enforcement.


There are more than 41 million immigrants in the United States today, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Immigrants vote for the Democratic Party in astronomical percentages, often using ballots printed in their own foreign languages to do so.

Los Angeles County alone has an immigrant population of 3.4 million people, and Hillary Clinton racked up one of her largest margins of victory there. Liberals criticize Donald Trump for not winning the popular vote, but votes by immigrants in California using foreign language ballots should not dictate who the president will be for the other 49 states that reject California’s embrace of sanctuary cities.

Immigrants voted the American hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office in Maricopa County, which has one of the largest immigrant populations in our entire country. The shifting demographics in this traditionally Republican county gave Trump only a 3-point margin of victory, where just four years earlier Mitt Romney won the county by 11 points.

The long-term plan of liberals is to turn Arizona and Texas into “blue” states based on massive immigration that votes Democratic. Arizona nearly went for Hillary Clinton this year, while Texas voted for Trump by a smaller margin than other conservative states.


Trump was elected to halt such political manipulation, and he could not have picked a finer Attorney General than Jeff Sessions. Senator Sessions will bring much-needed integrity to the office, and should discontinue the overheated litigation that the Obama Administration was pursuing at taxpayer expense to advance the Leftist agenda.

As a spectacular one-two punch against the Establishment, Kobach would be the perfect choice to head Homeland Security or join the Cabinet in another capacity. By chance he met Phyllis Schlafly one last time at the Cleveland airport as they were leaving the Republican convention, and she would have been thrilled for him to join Trump’s Cabinet.

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