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ON THE ROAD: Marco Rubio's Double Digit Lead

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THE VILLAGES, FL -- Following Marco Rubio's bus tour isn't for the feint of heart. First, I was pulled over by a state trooper, and then, my entire view of Sen. George LeMieux was blocked by a supporter's derriere. Still, I managed to come out ahead, thanks to the classic "Always Something There to Remind Me," which got me through even the toughest Florida terrain with a smile.

All in all, the bus tour wasn't quite a victory celebration for Marco’s campaign, but it was close. In city after city, scores of Floridians came to cheer his campaign, which has been enjoying a double-digit lead for several weeks now. His limited-government, low-tax message has been resonating strongly with voters, aided by the fact that his two competitors have little more to offer than flip flops and policy flops.

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