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Hillary Clinton is the GOP Gift That Keeps Giving

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Hillary Clinton refuses to accept reality and is desperately trying to cling to political relevance. She has enjoyed a lifetime of political privilege as a First Lady, a United States Senator, a Secretary of State and a presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Sadly, she was awarded all of these prestigious positions because of her husband, not due to her own merit.



On her own, Hillary Clinton is a disastrous loser. In fact, she is the most famous two-time presidential loser in U.S. history who should have received a clear message from the American people. The voters of this country do not want her to be President of the United States.

In 2008, she lost the Democratic Party nomination to an unknown and unproven United States Senator. In 2016, as the infamous email disclosure proved, Clinton was the beneficiary of a corrupt Democratic Party nomination process. Despite having a Democratic National Committee giving her every advantage, and CNN giving her advance notice of debate questions, Hillary Clinton barely defeated an elderly socialist Senator for her party’s nomination. In the general election, she lost the presidency to a political novice, Donald Trump, who was facing incredible disadvantages.  

Clearly, Hillary Clinton cannot move past her election loss and will not “go quietly into that good night.” She is a bitter loser, who is mad at the world and especially livid at the American people. As part of her media tour promoting her new book, “What Happened,” Hillary was recently interviewed for the Irish television program, “Late, Late Show.” Hillary claimed that the loss was “excruciating.” She admitted that she did not even prepare a concession speech and that the loss left her in a “state of shock.”


Obviously, Hillary and her campaign team were overconfident. They believed the phony polls and the false praise from the leftist media. They were facing a candidate, who was derided as former reality television star and was being destroyed on a daily basis by a hostile media.

While Clinton had a united Democratic Party supporting her, Trump had to deal with a divided Republican Party. In the campaign, Hillary spent almost twice as much money as Donald Trump and was advised by an experienced team of professionals, as well as her husband, who was elected President of the United States twice.

Despite his many disadvantages, Trump handily defeated Clinton in the Electoral College, winning 304 votes in 30 states. While Hillary can claim to have won the popular vote, she knows she lost the electoral vote in a landslide. It is no surprise that in her non-stop quest for attention after her defeat, Hillary has proposed an array of radical ideas such as abolishing the Electoral College.

Such a drastic change would move the United States from a constitutional republic toward a direct democracy. Sorry Hillary, the Founding Fathers brilliantly created a country that has not only survived, but prospered, in the last 241 years. It would be foolhardy to change how this country elects Presidents just because one loser is angry.


She told the Irish interviewer that in the days after the election, she would regularly “scream into the pillow.” Hillary felt that by losing to such an unconventional candidate, she not only “let my country down,” but she also “let the world down.”

In reality, many world leaders were probably overjoyed not to have to deal with Hillary Clinton as President. Certainly, they witnessed her horrible record as Secretary of State, the scandalous international fundraising activities of the Clinton Foundation and her lifetime record of corruption, including a FBI investigation into her e-mail communications.

By losing, Hillary did the American people and the world a huge favor. In contrast, she feels that the world is just heartbroken that she lost. Thus, she mistakenly believes that everyone is anxiously awaiting her comments on the major news stories of the day. For example, in the aftermath of the horrific Las Vegas massacre, Clinton condemned the National Rifle Association and called for more gun control, what a surprise!

She incorrectly claimed that “if the shooter had a silencer” the number of deaths in the Las Vegas shooting would have been much higher. Wrong Hillary, even the liberal political watchdog organization Politifact noted that “Our research shows that a suppressor would not have made a difference in the Las Vegas case, because of the positioning of the weapons and because of the distance of the shooter from the crowd.”


Once again, Hillary Clinton is embarrassingly wrong. Surely Democrats must be tired of her attempts to remain in the political spotlight. Republicans must be hoping that Hillary is laying the groundwork to run for President in 2020. For the GOP, Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps giving. 


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