The Rule of Law

Posted: Mar 29, 2012 12:01 AM

Jack Welch was on CNBC this morning and was talking about the upcoming election. He said, “In 2008, Obama was a great candidate and suspect President.”. Why is he a suspect President? The rule of law. Obama finds laws to be impediments. Instead of working with the law, like a bull in a china shop, he just runs through it.

Time and time again, his administration has run roughshod over precedent and law. Believers in Obama look the other way. Liberals hated Bush and felt he tore up the Constitution. Obama is worse.

  • The Auto Bailout, bond holders and creditors were crushed as the administration skirted years of bankruptcy law
  • On voter ID, Eric Holder ruled against state law that required ID. Of course, I can’t walk into a high rise in Chicago without it.
  • In Libya, the President marshaled military force without even talking to Congress about it.
  • Obama passed Obamacare, which will hopefully be declared unconstitutional. Obamacare takes away basic human rights from individuals. Witness the sea of waivers the administration has granted to special interests in the wake of its passage.
  • On illegal aliens, Obama selectively enforces the border. He told Arizona Senator John Kyl, “that there would be no securing of the border until Congress agreed to immigration reform inclusive of amnesty for the approximate 45,000,000 illegal aliens in this country.”. That’s not rule of law, it is Chicago machine politics.
  • On birth control mandates, the government is compelling private organizations to violate their beliefs. If the government can compel a private individual to do something you support, it certainly can compel you to do something you don’t support.

Welch was correct. What this election comes down to is the rule of law. Do you want an over reaching and totally empowered executive branch of government deciding for you? The expansion of power of the executive branch in the last ten years has been unchecked. We are swiftly drifting to a centrally planned state economy where the government controls our health care, housing, and energy.

That has to end. Now.