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Happy New Year; Now Remove that Sticker

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Happy New Year to you. What a long strange trip 2011 has been. I am glad that you came and participated in this blog. I started this thing in January 2010. It’s hard to measure the success or failure of a blog. People do blogs for different reasons. Trust me, it’s not about the money because even Social Security would pay me more!

In 2007, I became very upset with what was going on in a lot of areas that affected our daily life. I thought the Bush administration had sold us a load of crap with “compassionate conservatism’, and concentrated more on family values than economics. Both are important, but I believe if you set up the right economic incentives, a lot of the family value issues will disappear.

With the advent of the financial crisis, the election of Obama, and the crony capitalism that ensued I couldn’t take it anymore. Bush put us on the wrong economic path, and Obama only accelerated it. My dog has created more shovel ready projects than Obama. It’s truly amazing how poorly he has performed. I didn’t think that someone elected to the Presidency could be that economically dense.

One of the ways you measure success is all kinds of page views. I looked at some end of the year stats. Readership was up 5 times YOY. Clearly, a nerve has been struck.

Next year I am hoping to take this blog in a couple of different directions. This year I started some breakfast links to have some fun, poke holes in some things and turn you on to some good writing. I am hoping to get a couple of more guest posters. I will try to integrate some different things here. Let me know some of the things you like and some you don’t. Your opinion counts too.

Look for more on start ups. I run into a lot of them, and they really are energizing people to speak with. I won’t reveal anything seminal or proprietary, but will try to talk about business trends and illustrate the way entrepreneurs think and tick.

It’s a political year, so the blog will call out both parties when appropriate.

Not seeing that many stickers around anymore. Even where I live in the Far Left Outpost they call “Chicago”.

Time to paper the world with this one. The small government movement is the only social movement I know if that if they “win”, they will leave you alone.

2012 is perhaps the most pivotal political year we have had in a long long time.

Thanks very much for coming here. I really appreciate it and it’s great to get to know you all.

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