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Not surprisingly, many voters who cast their ballots for Barack Obama for president had no idea what he believed, what his voting record was or what his priorities would be as president. The YouTube videos showing voters’ ignorance during the just-completed election would be hilarious if they were not so sad. The “Emperor” leading the presidential polls had no clothes, but who would speak out? The nation’s opinion leaders threw up smoke screens that protected the public from the reality. The media certainly was not going to expose the nakedness of its crown prince. His opposition kept looking the other way. The cheering crowds clothed him to suit their individual preferences.

I watched the third and final debate in dismay. We tuned in to CNN because they carried an on-screen chart to display the reactions of 25-30 uncommitted voters set up backstage who had agreed to indicate their minute-by-minute reactions to the two candidates’ remarks by turning a dial to indicate their degree of positive or negative response to the comments of the presidential candidates. We discovered that the more emotional the comment, the higher positive response of the uncommitted voters. The more measured and reasonable the candidates’ statements, the more negative the voters’ responses. It was a riveting phenomenon that was scary in its implications — the public didn’t want to hear reasoned argument; they wanted platitudes that made them feel good.

During this election, Barack Obama said lots to make the public feel good. He made promises couched in vague language that could mean anything that the listener wanted them to mean. He used words like “change” and “hope;” he promised tax cuts to 95 percent of Americans — a promise that was ludicrous and impossible to fulfill, but people fell for it. He spoke one way in front of liberal audiences and another way in front of conservative ones. He learned the language of evangelicalism and he spoke it fluently when it served his purposes. People with diametrically opposite points of view came away from his rallies convinced that Obama agreed with their position on the issues.

Obama’s charisma and his rhetoric about “change” clearly mesmerized voters, as did the fact that he is a charming, articulate African-American family man whose election signals dramatic changes in the racial climate of a nation that is tired of racial tension and cultural division.

However, he gave plenty of evidence for his plans for his presidency. His voting record is as far left as is possible. He spelled out on his official website his plan of action in all its leftist glory. Those who cared to look could find all the relevant details. The problem is that most did not want to look; they didn’t want to have the “emperor” exposed. Now, though, we have to face reality — the emperor is fully clothed, in liberal garb from head to toe. So the nation has a president-elect who will drastically alter society, weaken family structure, and undermine religious freedom.

Here are some of the major, specific plans that contradict his campaign rhetoric and promises.


Obama plans — as his first official act, he told Planned Parenthood — to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). If he signs FOCA, he will eliminate virtually all federal, state and local restrictions on abortion. Further, he would nominate Supreme Court judges who will uphold Roe v. Wade, and the left-dominated Congress would confirm them easily. Conservatives lost ground with the public during this election — pro-life measures in California, Colorado and South Dakota failed. Washington and Oregon voters turned out to legalize assisted suicide. While there are no pro-life women left in the U.S. Senate, there was an increase in pro-life Democrats for the second time in two years.


Obama plans to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and oppose any Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) that will be put forward. Though he campaigned as a candidate opposed to same-sex “marriage,” he fully intends to repeal DOMA — legislation that has been enacted in 44 states to protect husband-wife, traditional marriage at the state level. Even though, during the 2008 election, three different states (California, Arizona and Florida) supported traditional marriage between a man and a woman, Obama plans to overrule the will of the people and settle the issue at the federal level via presidential fiat. He also plans to oppose any new FMA (which he already voted against in 2006) that would limit marriage and protect the formal commitment between a man and a woman. On the issue of same-sex “marriage” (SSM) the public has been clear: 30 states have banned it. California, in particular, proved that the issue is a bipartisan one: Obama won by double-digit majorities, yet voters soundly rejected SSM.


Obama will support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and indicates his support for expanding the bill to cover “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Further, he has clearly stated his intention to repeal the current “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” policy that bans open homosexuality in the U.S. military services. And, he favors adoption rights for same-sex couples as well as condom distribution throughout the world as an AIDS prevention measure. He has also said that the will strengthen and expand federal “hate crimes” legislation.

On the three big issues of today — life, marriage, homosexual behavior — President-elect Obama has plans to turn far left and ignore the will of the people. He will act by fiat, and he will appoint activist judges. We must expose the Emperor’s new clothes and make sure the public is aware of how drastically these decisions will change American society. We could see a greatly weakened American culture where life is treated cavalierly, marriage is weakened and our religious liberty is trampled. To be forewarned is to be armed for the culture battles that are ahead.

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