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''America is a country where the rule of law rules. This picture (a U.S. Marshall pointing a genuine assault rifle at a terrified 6 year old Hispanic immigrant, whose mother had just drowned or been eaten alive by sharks) illustrates what happens to those who defy the rule of law and how far our government and people will go to preserve it. Come all ye who understand that.'' (The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman.)


TAKE THAT! -- you uppity Cuban-American ingrates!  But The New York Times’ Tom Friedman (who had an obscenity-laced meltdown on CNN last week sputtering against President Trump’s “racism” and “xenophobia”…blah…blah) had barely started venting his spleen against those insufferable Cuban-Americans.  

No siree. Friedman’s rage against those loudmouthed, entitled and ungrateful refugees and his passion for the U.S. Constitution and the golden rule of U.S. immigration law (so curiously absent lately) was barely spent. To wit:

“One only hopes that this affair will remind the extremists among the Miami Cubans that they are not living in their own private country, that they cannot do whatever they please and that they may hate Fidel Castro more than they love the U.S. Constitution -- but that doesn't apply to the rest of us.”

WHOO!-WHOO!  In other words: when they get here, dusky foreigner/immigrants should be grateful, should shut-up and should meekly abide by the laws of the nation that provided them asylum, freedom and opportunity!  

WOW! And all that ranting by the same New York Times that’s been on a non-stop, multi-year   tantrum against Donald Trump (as both candidate and president) and his supporters for their “xenophobia” and “nativism,”…blah…blah—in brief, for the president’s attempt to enforce U.S. law!   


Alas! The Times’ righteous fury against those uppity Cuban-Americans still wasn’t spent:  

“One also hopes that now that Ms. Reno has ended the kidnapping of Elian by the Miami Cubans, the other hard-nosed lady in the cabinet, Madeleine Albright, will end the Miami Cubans' kidnapping of U.S. Cuba policy as well.”

Got it, amigos? U.S. foreign policy “kidnapped” by ungrateful –but rich and powerful –cosmopolitans with dual loyalty!  And here I’d always associated this battle-cry with the “alt-right,” (so-called,) who aim it against Thomas Friedman’s own ethnic kinsmen?

For the record, as lawyer and legal expert David Limbaugh meticulously documented in his book Absolute Power: on Dec. 1, 1999 the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) established that Miami-based uncle Lazaro Gonzalez (among Friedman’s “U.S. hating and law-breaking extremists!”) was indeed Elian Gonzalez’s legal custodian and Florida’s family court was indeed the lawful place to arbitrate further issues.

AH! But a few days later Fidel Castro stuck his fingers in his mouth, issued a sharp whistle  of summons  and instantly the Media/Democrat complex (including the Clinton team) was all around him, tails wagging and tongues hanging, eager to start taking their usual dictation regarding his every whim and wish….but we’ve exposed the details of that   legal and moral atrocity often hereabouts.  


Alas, liberal Friedman’s bigotry is a historic bigotry by the Media /Democrat complex against the most lopsidedly Republican-registered ethnic group in the U.S. Indeed, while “white” American voters voted Trump at a rate of 56%, Cuban American voters went for the Republican candidate at a rate of 58%--or perhaps even higher. 

Astoundingly, this represents a slight decline —given the usual generational differences-- of traditional Cuban-American support for Republican candidates. While an “enlightened” majority (56 percent) of their countrymen voted for Obama in 2008, a miniscule portion (33 percent) of those “insufferably reactionary” Cuban- Americans did so. 

Gosh? What could possibly account for this phenomenon?

Well, if the quip “you had to be there” applies anywhere, it’s in explaining the voting habits of Americans of Cuban heritage. By “there” I mean in a communist country—but not as a tourist! And not like Bill De Blasio as a honeymooner! And not like Jeff Flake getting his marching orders and talking points!

And especially not like U.S. President Obama in March, 2016 behaving in front of Cuban dictator Raul Castro as Japanese minister Shigematsu behaved in front of Gen. Douglas MacArthur aboard the USS Missouri n Sept. 1945!

No, amigos. Nothing like those incidents. No, instead I mean as a subject of a communist nation’s rulers. Voting Republican en-masse then becomes a reflex, an instinct—and one that drives liberals absolutely apoplectic.


Let’s take a perfectly representative liberal Democrat: Michael Moore. And if you think Moore is not representative of the latter-day Democratic Party, recall that at their Convention in 2004 a smirking Michael Moore was feted by the Democratic Party as their honored guest. He sat in a place of honor right next to Jimmy Carter.

“Cuban-Americans,” wrote this honored guest of the Democratic Party in his book “Downsize This,” “are responsible for sleaze and influence-peddling in American politics. In every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades, Cuban exiles are always present and involved.”

Can you imagine the Media/Democrat uproar if a prominent Trump-supporting celebrity—say Jon Voight or Ted Nugent-- denounced Mexican-Americans en masse for “tormenting our country with sleaze?” We’d never hear the end of it!

“Truly disgusting!” was how NBC’s Bryant Gumbel characterized the Cuban-Americans who were (peacefully) protesting the joint shanghaiing of Elian Gonzalez by the Clinton administration and Castro regime. Yet we search in utter vain for the slightest hint by Gumbel (or any mainstream media pundit) that any demonstration by Black Lives Matter for instance might hint at “disgusting” behavior, despite the wholesale looting and vicious beatings that always characterize them.


Bottom line: given all the above factors, when it comes to “deplorable” behavior and causing liberal heads to explode, Cuban-Americans in liberal eyes have long been –to quote Freddie Mercury—the champion deplorables of the world!


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