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'White Privilege' Prevents Black History Month from Honoring Colin Kaepernick

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AP Photo/Steven Senne

“Colin Kaepernick’s name was yanked from a resolution honoring Black History Month in Wisconsin following an outcry from Republican lawmakers…GOPers in the state Assembly refused to pass the legislation acknowledging prominent black Americans on Tuesday — until Democrats agreed to remove the former NFL quarterback’s name...Milwaukee Rep. David Crowley, a Democrat, slammed the decision as “a textbook example of white privilege” and a “slap in the face.”


Never mind the stinging slap in the face Kaepernick himself delivered to all Americans by honoring (t-shirt-wise) the Stalinist, terror-sponsoring dictator whose lifelong craving was to nuke Kaepernick’s homeland and incinerate millions of the people who made Kaepernick a millionaire.

“War against the U.S. is my true destiny.” (Fidel Castro April, 1958, at a time the CIA and State Dept. were HELPING him!)

“The U.S. is a vulture preying on humanity!” (Fidel Castro, May, 1959.)

“Of course I knew the missiles in Cuba were nuclear-armed. That’s precisely why I urged Khrushchev to launch them against the U.S.!” (Fidel Castro to Robert Mc Namara, October 1992.)

And never mind the stinging slap in the face Kaepernick delivered to the longest-suffering black political prisoners in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere, by honoring (t-shirt-wise) their mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring torturer.

“I’m going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police…There’s people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable.” (proclaimed Colin Kaepernick during his famous protest.)

While proclaiming the sentiments above Colin Kaepernick, as mentioned, wore a T-shirt honoring Fidel Castro. If Kaepernick were starring in a Monty Python or SNL skit we’d get it.

But the shirt did not seem to denote any satiric sentiments. Instead, while denouncing oppression, Kaepernick chose to idolize a Stalinist dictator who jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin himself during the Great Terror, and whose heirs continue repressing blacks on a daily basis.


While denouncing “police murders” Kaepernick idolized a Stalinist dictator whose KGB-trained police and death squads murdered more Cubans in his first three years in power than Hitler murdered Germans during his first six. 

While denouncing “injustices against people of color” Kaepernick idolized the jailer and torturer of the longest suffering black political prisoners in the modern history of the Western hemisphere. Many of these black Cubans suffered longer and more horrible incarceration in Castro’s KGB-designed dungeons than Nelson Mandela spent in South Africa’s (relatively) comfortable prisons, which were open to inspection by the Red Cross. Castro has never allowed a Red Cross delegation anywhere near his real prisons.

N**ger!” taunted my jailers between tortures,” recalled the late Cuban political prisoner Eusebio Peñalver to this writer“We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!” laughed my torturers. For months I was naked in a 6 x 4 foot cell. That’s four feet high, so you couldn’t stand. But I felt a great freedom inside myself. I refused to commit spiritual suicide.”

Naturally you’ve never heard the Fake News Media so much as mention Eusebio Peñalver, or of any of his black Cuban co-heroes like Ignacio Cuesta Valle, Antonio López Muñoz, and Dasio Hernández Peña who all suffered prison terms longer than did Nelson Mandela. 


And yet their suffering took place only 90 miles from U.S. shores in a locale absolutely lousy with international press bureaus and their intrepid “investigative reporters.” From CNN to NBC, from Reuters to the AP, from ABC to NPR to CBS, Castro welcomes all of these to “embed” and “report” from his fiefdom. For all the good it does when it comes to reporting truth. 

Actually, no Cuba-watcher with half-a-brain expects networks bestowed Havana bureaus by KGB-trained apparatchiks to even feign honesty, or even play-act their professed duty: “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

“The Castro regime assigns 20 security agents to follow and monitor every foreign journalist,” revealed Vicente Botin who reported from Cuba for Madrid’s El Pais until he was booted from the Castro-family fiefdom for taking his job title seriously. “You play the regime’s game and practice self–censorship or you’re gone.”

“The negro,” sneered Fidel Castro’s sidekick Che Guevara, “is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities and drink, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”

A few years ago a black Cuban dissident named Jorge Garcia Perez better known as “Antunez” testified (via video-conference from Cuba) to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Antunez suffered 17 years in Castro’s dungeons and torture chambers essentially for the crime of quoting Martin Luther King Jr. and the UN Declaration on Human Rights.


Given the media’s neurotic hyper-sensitivity to the most microscopic hint of white on black racism and “White Privilege” here’s a question:

When would a black human-rights activist who was jailed and tortured by a lily-white regime for the crime of quoting Martin Luther King Jr. be totally ignored by this identical Fake News Media while he testified to a U.S. Senate Committee?

Answer: when his tortures were inflicted by the Left’s premier pin-up boys, that’s when.

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