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Tucker Carlson Grills Former Mexican Official Who Plots to Sabotage U.S. Court System With Thousands of Deportation Cases

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“Yes I want to use the U.S. judicial system—the immigration courts in particular-- to jam, to backlog it so perhaps President Trump will change his mind and stop this ridiculous policy-- this unpleasant and hostile policy-- of deporting people...” (Jorge Castañeda to Tucker Carlson, Fox News, 2/14/17.)


The “ridiculous policy” consists of President Trump’s executive orders to deport lawbreaking foreigners, mostly Mexicans.

In other words, this “unpleasant and hostile policy” consists of Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign promises and his pledge to uphold the U.S. Constitution when he was sworn in on Jan. 20.

The Mexican government itself has pledged $50 million in legal defense funds towards this jamming of U.S. courts as planned and promoted by Jorge Castañeda, who was introduced by Tucker Carlson as “Mexico’s former Foreign Minister, also a NYU professor and Board member of Human Rights Watch.”

Democrats and the mainstream media would have us gag and shudder at such fulfillments of the U.S. Constitution—because they offend the sensibilities of a former Mexican Communist Party member and spy for Cuba’s terror-sponsoring Stalinist regime.

“Whoops! What was that?” some readers ask.

Yes, amigos, I’m afraid that -- either due to politeness or ignorance --Tucker Carlson scrimped on his guest Jorge Castañeda’s curriculum vitae. (We’ll flesh it out in a second.)

But firstly, from 2000-2003 Jorge Castañeda served as Mexico’s Foreign Minister. On March 2nd, 2002, 21 desperate Cuban refugee wannabes crammed into Mexico’s embassy in Havana hoping to emigrate from Castro’s Cuba to Mexico. (In prosperous, European immigrant-swamped pre-Castro Cuba, by the way, the family and friends of any Cuban seeking to immigrate to Mexico would have promptly recommended him to a psychiatrist.)


At any rate, promptly upon notice of this violation of Mexican sovereignty by immigrant wannabes, Jorge Castañeda —a man apparently scandalized by U.S. judicial procedures, especially as regards to illegal immigrants---ordered Castro’s Stalinist police to enter the embassy and drag the desperate Cubans out.

Now let’s expand a bit on Jorge Castaneda’s “credentials.”I hold here in my hands a document detailing how this very Jorge Castañeda was recruited by Cuba’s KGB-trained secret police as a spy, where he served loyally for almost five years.

This document consists of an investigative report by Mexico’s biggest and most prestigious newspaper El Universal dated Feb. 4, 2008. The reporter got his hands on secret documents belonging to Mexico’s intelligence service that detail how in 1979 this card-carrying member of Mexico’s Communist party and subsequent Mexican Foreign Minister and NYU professor, was recruited into Castro’s spy service by Jorge Luis Joa Campos, Cuba’s master spy in Mexico.

The Communist Jorge Castaneda was a plum recruit for Castro’s spy service. At the time, you see, Jorge’s father (Jorge Castañeda y Álvarez de la Rosa) served as Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs. The Mexican intelligence document, which runs 264 pages, reveals the young Jorge as an eager and busy-beaver of a Communist spy, diligently reporting his father’s activities, pilfering his papers and even recruiting two of his father’s closest aides to aid him in his spying services for Castro’s Stalinist regime.


Perhaps it ran in the family? Jorge Castaneda’s mother, Oma Gutman Rudnitsky, you see was a Communist Polish-Jew who immigrated to Mexico via New York in 1938.

Among the top heroes in Soviet folklore is the little boy Pavlik Morozov. The story goes that in 1931 the 13-year-old ratted out his father to the GPU (secret police) who tortured him to death at a forced labor camp. This earned little Pavlik an honored place as hero in Soviet schoolbooks for generations.

Alas, Jorge Castaneda was already 25 when he joined Mexico’s Communist Party in 1978. So he couldn’t quite match little Pavlik’s heroic fame.

Foreign minister/professor/author/editorialist/human rights activist/Communist spy Jorge Castañeda also authored a biography of Che Guevara. Well? Given his Cuban contacts--why not?

And whaddaya know! Castañeda transcribed the Castroite/KGB-fabricated script almost perfectly! “Che’s decency and nobility always led him to apologize,” writes the “former” Castroite spy. “Che presented a Christ-like figure. With his mortuary gaze it is like Che looks upon his killers and forgives them.”

Let’s have a look at some of the habits of Castañeda’s “decent, noble and Christ-like Che,” shall we?

A Spanish priest named Javier Arzuaga had the misfortune to preside over the Havana parish that included the city’s La Cabana Fortress which Che converted into Cuba’s firing-squad and torture-central in January 1959.


During his painful rounds Father Arzuaga was shocked to find a 16-year-old boy named Ariel Lima among the condemned “war-criminals” crammed into the dungeons and torture chambers. The priest described the boy as totally dazed with his teeth constantly chattering and probably mentally-handicapped.

Astoundingly, Father Arzuaga managed to get an audience with Che where he pleaded the boy’s case. “Quickly I realized my pleas were pointless,” recalls the priest. “The harder I pleaded for his compassion, the wider and crueler became Che Guevara’s famous sneer.”

“OK, fine. We’ll take it up tonight at the Tribunal of Appeals,” Che finally said while continuing to sneer at the distraught priest.

But what Che did at the “appeals hearing,” (that was attended by little Ariel’s single mother) was confirm the death sentence and schedule the firing squad murder for that very night.

As they left the ‘hearing,” “Che was walking with his usual entourage when he noticed me,” recalls Father Arzuaga. “He sneered again and waved hello. Suddenly I saw Ariel’s hysterical mother run in front of Che and throw herself on the ground.”

“Woman,” Guevara laughed at her. “Go see that guy,” and Che turned and pointed at me,” writes Father Arzuaga. “Padre Javier is a professional at consoling people,” Che chuckled. “Then he looked over at me laughing. “She’s all yours, padre.”

“I walked over and helped the devastated woman who had fallen on the ground sobbing uncontrollably,” recalls the priest. “Put yourself in God’s hands, ‘Mam,” I prayed. “Try and rise above this tragedy. God will help you learn to live without your son.”


“That night (the mentally–handicapped) Ariel Lima was still in a totally dazed condition as they tied him to the execution stake,” wrote Father Arzuaga, “totally unaware he was about to be murdered.”

“FUEGO!” And the volley shattered Ariel’s little quivering body.

No doubt Che was watching and gloating from his window, as was his custom. Che's second-story office in La Cabana had a section of wall torn out so he could watch his darling firing-squads at work.

The “former” Mexican Communist who describes Che Guevara as “Christ-like” presumes to “reform” the U.S. judicial system—and liberals applaud.

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