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Obama Proudly Poses in Havana with Che Guevara—(Who Craved to Murder Millions of his Countrymen)

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While in Havana yesterday president Obama carefully arranged a photo-op with the huge mural of Che Guevara as backdrop. If the phrase “carefully arranged” strikes you as rhetorically “pushing the envelope,” I invite you to watch this brief video for proof.


“Better” still, this mural—the biggest of the celebrated (by many liberals) mass-murderer, racist and warmonger-- adorns the headquarters for Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior, which is to say: the headquarters for Cuba's KGB and STASI trained secret police. Nothing could be more fitting.

In 1959, with the help of Soviet GRU agents, the man President Obama felt a burning need to arrange as his backdrop helped found, train and indoctrinate Cuba’s secret police. "Always interrogate your prisoners at night," Che Guevara instructed the Castro regime’s torturers. "A man's resistance is always lower at night." Che Guevara, that whacky cut-up, often signed his early correspondence as “Stalin II.”

If the phrase “celebrated (especially by many liberals)” strikes you as yet another rhetorical “pushing of the envelope,” I invite you to consider that in 1999 when Time magazine hailed “The 100 Most Important People of the Century,” Che Guevara was among them.

OK, at first glance this might seem reasonable. The term “important,” after all, can be construed as morally-neutral. But Time magazine placed Che Guevara in its “Heroes and Icons” category of the “Century’s Most Important People,” alongside Anne Frank, Andrei Sakharov, Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa.


If the walls of that building (i.e. torture chamber) so strategically aligned behind President Obama yesterday and those of its branch offices could only talk, what agonies they might relate. You see, amigos: Che Guevara and Raul Castro founded a regime that jailed more of its subjects than did Stalin’s and murdered more of its subjects in its first three years in power than did Hitler’s in its first six. (Full-documentation provided here.)

"Executions?" Che Guevara exclaimed while addressing the hallowed halls of the U.N. General Assembly on December 9, 1964. "Certainly we execute!" he declared, to the claps and cheers of that august body. "And we will continue executing as long as it is necessary! This is a war to the death against the revolution’s enemies!" According to the Black Book of Communism, those firing-squad executions had reached 16,000 by the end of the 60s, the equivalent, given the relative populations, of over 3 million executions in the U.S.

“When you saw the beaming look on Che’s face as the victims were tied to the stake and blasted apart by the firing squad,” said a former Cuban political prisoner, to this writer, “you saw there was something seriously, seriously wrong with Che Guevara.” As commander of this prison/execution yard, Che often shattered the skull of the condemned man by firing the coup de grace himself. When other duties tore him away from his beloved execution yard, he consoled himself by viewing the slaughter. Che’s second-story office in Havana’s La Cabana prison had a section of wall torn out so he could watch his darling firing-squads at work.


"N*gger!" taunted my jailers between tortures, “recalled Castro’s prisoner Eusebio Peñalver to this writer. “We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!" they laughed at me. “For months I was naked in a 6 x 4 foot cell That’s 4 feet high, so you couldn’t stand. But they never succeeded in branding me as common criminal, so I felt a great freedom inside myself. I refused to commit spiritual suicide,continued Mr Peñalver.

The late Mr Penalver, along with many other black Cubans qualify as the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history. You see amigos: many more blacks have been jailed and tortured –and for longer periods-- by the (internationally-beloved and funded) lily-white Castro regime than by the (internationally-blacklisted-and-reviled) South African apartheid regime.

Indeed, this week President Barack “Black Lives Matter” Obama was honoring the jailers and torturers of the most and longest suffering black political prisoners in the modern history of the western hemisphere.

But enough about Cubans. Obama, after all is President of the United States. “So what’s wrong with him posing with Che Guevara,” some might ask? Well, here’s a very brief example Che Guevara’s views on the U.S.:

“The U.S. is the great enemy of mankind!” (Che Guevara, 1961.)


“Against those hyenas (Americans) there is no option but extermination!” (Che Guevara, 1961.)

“We must keep our hatred (against the U.S.) alive and fan it to paroxysm!” (Che Guevara, 1965.)

“If the nuclear missiles had remained (in Cuba) we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of Atomic victims.”(Che Guevara, 1962.)

Now here’s Obama’s host himself:

“My dream is to drop three Atomic bombs on new York City. (Raul Castro June 1960)

Every item above fully-documented here.


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