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Obviously, what we’ve long suspected has been proven true. The takers now officially outnumber the makers. It’s human nature to want what others have and not want to do what others did to get it, but Obama has taken that to a whole new level by fostering the belief that breathing is enough to guarantee you food, housing, education, and a cell phone.


One of the biggest voting blocks for Obama continues to be single women, many of whom are single mothers. Why? I have a very simple explanation. Short term thinking. Think about it: single mothers are usually single mothers because they listened to some smooth talking guy who said all the right things and never followed through. They continue to give the loser chance after chance, foolishly believing that “this time, things will be different”. Hmm...notice a pattern here?

There’s a never ending stream of shows on Lifetime, etc., that cater to that crowd. The victim crowd. The “I can’t believe I’m in this situation, and someone needs to fix it” crowd. The people who will make one bad decision after another, never comprehending the responsibility THEY bear for the outcome. Of course they voted for Obama. He’s the perfect man for them. He’s not responsible for anything, either.

The same women who have a baby (a permanent decision) with a loser without thinking about the long term consequences are Obama supporters. I’ve heard some of these women actually say “I don’t want to get married, that’s a big commitment”. You can always get divorced, but have a man’s baby, and he’ll know your business, where you live, what you do, who you date, etc. for the rest of your life. And not just 18 years. Short term thinkers.


These are the people I refer to as the “pinballs in the machine of life”, making bad decisions and bouncing off the pin ball bumpers, leaving them stunned when the flippers finally hit them in the butt. “What happened....?” Never mind. Don’t even bother to try to explain it.

Tattoos are often a sign of short term thinking. I’m not anti-tattoo, and there are some incredibly talented tattoo artists, but tattoos should be considered permanent, so placement is key. A woman who gets a “tramp stamp” tattoo placed at the top of her butt at age 18 yet fails to consider how that particular location will look at age 40 is a short term thinker. Every time you see a “tramp stamp”, (and they’re happy to wear pants low enough to show them off), consider that a vote for Obama.

Short term thinkers don’t understand the long term ramifications of decisions made now, by themselves or anyone else. Take beautiful, screwed up, California, for example. unemployment through the roof, housing prices down in most areas, multiple cities are bankrupt, yet the idiots voted in more tax increases! 

Liberal Californians have destroyed my home state of Nevada, by attempting to replicate the same environment that drove them out of their state! They simply don’t get cause and effect. Of course they are Obama supporters. And native Nevadans aren’t much better. Highest unemployment in the nation, most homes underwater, yet they returned Harry Reid to the Senate and Obama to the White House. Go figure.


Children are no longer taught to think, and they certainly aren’t taught to think beyond next week. Until or unless that changes, we’ll have another entire generation of short term thinkers, voting in the wrong people who will do long term damage to our nation. By the time they figure it out, it will be far too late. It probably already is.

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