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When I watched the Superman television show as a little boy, I always wondered why Superman did not always use the most efficient and least damaging of his super powers to accomplish various tasks. Why did he knock the door down when he could have just as easily have melted the lock with his heat vision?


When I watch the talking heads interview the candidates, it brings back those ancient Superman memories. The press has the opportunity, but apparently cannot form the questions that can get around the political double speak from the candidates or think through underlying issues.

Let's try four difficult questions that might prove interesting to voters:

Hillary: Everyone seems focused on the 65 e-mails deemed "Secret" and the 22 e-mails deemed "Top Secret" on your server and whether using your personal server was a crime. We are curious about the other side of that question. You were Secretary of State for more than fourteen hundred days, how could the Secretary of State over four years only receive and/or send 22 "Top Secret" e-mails or none based upon your views of your e-mail activities? Wouldn't one expect that the Secretary of State would be sending or receiving "Top Secret" e-mails daily, not once every couple of months. Can you explain how you did your job, often while traveling the world, without regularly being in e-mail contact and participating in issues that were truly "Top Secret" with other government officials?


Donald: You have indicated that you will not release your tax returns until all Federal income tax audits are complete; you and the IRS have not settled any tax return issues back to 2009. Could you provide us with a few answers to questions that could not possibly impact the course of your negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service? For each year from 2009 to 2015: What was your adjusted gross income? How much did you pay in Federal income taxes? If you had a net operating loss carryover from a prior year, what was that amount? Were you an alternative minimum taxpayer?

Hillary: Hillary, let's assume to the best of anyone and everyone's knowledge, a healthy woman is carrying a healthy fetus. The woman has not been raped and there are no extenuating circumstances with respect to genetics or any other matter that would impact the health of the baby; the woman has the financial capacity to raise the child. Should there be any laws impacting her ability to abort that child at any time, from the moment of conception to an hour before delivery?

Donald - You have indicated that a judge who is the son of Mexican immigrants should not be allowed to be the judge on your Trump University case because he is of Mexican heritage, a hater and an Obama appointee. Are you aware that Judge Curiel was first appointed to the Bench by Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and was approved by the U.S. Senate by voice vote? More important, do you understand that your comments regarding Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage would argue for Caucasian judges for Caucasian defendants as well as Black Judges for Black defendants? Since two of your wives were foreign born and therefore four of your five children are the children of a foreign born parent, what limitations should there be on their and their children's participation in our American court system?


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