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Why Women Want Rick

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The Lame Stream Media circle like sharks in a blood pool over Rick Santorum’s Catholicism.  Funny, they asked conservatives if they were against Romney because they are “anti-Mormon” but no one is asking those attacking Santorum if they are doing it because they are “anti-Catholic.” Do we want a POTUS candidate who doesn’t believe his own faith?  We already have that, don’t we? 

Rick Santorum is laughing all the way to the ballot box as women swoon, and it isn’t over his good looks.  Women like Rick for a lot of reasons.  He is every woman’s husband.  He is every girl’s dad, complete with the sweater vest.  He is every businesswoman’s handy banker. He is every school girl’s slightly geeky, but deliciously smart favorite math teacher.  He is the Sunday School teacher we wish we had—the one who actually fights for his faith rather than cowering for church attendance and tithes.  He has courage.

Women feel the financial strain created by this administration’s $1 trillion  per year spending habit more than our sexier counterparts.  We are the ones who have to abandon our choices and go to work.  We have to clip coupons, stretch dollars, walk the tightrope between what our kids want and what our struggling budget allows, and we know we couldn’t do it without our spiritual strength.  The press’ contention that the social issues don’t matter smack of government constrained churches to us, and we won’t have it.  Women need the freedom to worship where they want, how they want, and they don’t want this government threatening their spiritual freedoms.  Women understand what Sarah Palin said when she proclaimed that social issues and economic issues are not mutually exclusive-- They are inextricably linked, and women know that because we use the spiritual strengths guaranteed to us by “social issues” to survive the fiscal stresses every day under this imperial President’s reign.

There is more to Rick’s support by Middle American Moms than meets the eye.  In the states where he has campaigned and delivered a message, women are feeling emboldened to support this hubby-daddy-slightly geeky teacher-type; they know things the media and GOP establishment wish they could dust away.  

Moms like him.  Rick and Karen have 7 living children.  Karen is an attorney, nurse, and author.  Rick knows firsthand what it means to run the carpool, pick up the kids from soccer, help with homework, and drop them at a friends’ house, all while trying to get to work on time or spiff up the house before dinner with the family.

Businesswomen like him. Santorum sponsored and passed the Women’s Business Centers Sustainability Act that established numerous initiatives to support small businesses owned by women.

Work at home moms like him.  He has been outspoken and boldly spoken up for women to have the choices they deserve—to work outside the home, or not.  He even placed the blame for taking away these freedoms where real women know it belongs—on the radical feminists.

Poor women like him.  When he decided to take on the colossal battle of welfare reform, he invited 8 women on welfare to co-create the legislation with him.  Who does that? This shows such cool creativity and cutting edge leadership, it would give a sweater vest some swag!

Chart courtesy Washington Examiner

Pro-life women like him.  He is an unquestionable champion of life.  This means that unborn women probably like him, too.  They just won’t be able to say so until about 2013.

Pro-choice women like him.  He is the only candidate who has declared that he would not criminalize birth control, unless killing babies is your “method of choice.”

Libertarian women like him. The Cato Institute had rave reviews for the Senator while he was serving in D.C.

Victimized women like him.  Unlike Obama, he doesn’t label them victims (AKA: Useful idiots).  He empowers crime victims with his tough law for trafficking victims (Trafficking Victims Protection Conference Report) and Aimee’s Law. He co-sponsored the National AMBER Alert Network Act to strengthen alert capabilities and assist state and local law enforcement in catching those who would kidnap a child.

Academic women like him.  His mother was the first woman to graduate from Yale.  She was the primary breadwinner for his family growing up. His wife, Karen, is a lawyer, nurse, and author.  He understands the importance of education and more importantly, the personal satisfaction that comes from women meeting their full potential.  His life is living proof of that.

Moms of special ability children like him.  As a mother of a child with a Trisomy 21, I can assure you that this hidden, but adamant voting block will move heaven and earth to get to the polls to support someone who loves and understands all the extra joy and challenge in raising a special child.  His love for his baby, Gabriel who died, and later for his precious little Bella with Trisomy 18, is all most moms like me need to know the man has a heart the size of Texas, and he wears it on his sleeve for our special little ones. 

Mr. Moms even like him!  He championed initiatives to encourage participation of fathers in the lives of their children, and provide families with relief from the marriage penalty tax. 

While esoteric, overeducated liberals stand in awe as Senator Santorum survives the ravages of the socialist attacks, we Middle American Women quietly smile to ourselves.  We know where our vote will be in 2012.

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