Online Abortion Class Undermines Intellectual Diversity at University of California

Posted: Oct 23, 2014 12:01 AM

The University of California (UC) system is one of the most reputed institutions of higher learning here in the United States. Boasting 10 campuses stretching from Davis in Northern California to San Diego in Southern California, the UC system is historically regarded for molding future leaders and pioneers. Unfortunately, intellectual diversity and tolerance of differing opinions are concepts largely absent in the UC system today.

UC-San Francisco (UCSF)—UC’s medical school—is one of the first universities offering a free online course on abortion. The free six-week course is titled “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications.” It is taught by Dr. Jody Steinauer, a noted pro-abortion OB/GYN and former president of Medical Students for Choice. The course started on October 13 and will conclude on November 24. It is open to the public for enrollment.

UCSF’s Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health also adds the course will fill a void in academia by teaching “ethical” ways to perform abortions. Their website notes, “The class will address abortion in the U.S. and around the world, framing the issue in a public health context. The aim of the course is to fill in the gaps left by the exclusion of abortion from mainstream curricula.”

There are six lectures comprising the online course: “Abortion in the U.S. And Around the World,” “Abortion, Professionalism, and Patient-Centered Counseling,” “Abortion in the First Trimester,” “ Abortion after the First Trimester: Obstacles to Accessing Safe Abortion in the U.S. And Worldwide,” “Overcoming Obstacles to Abortion Access," and “Early Pregnancy Loss and Course Conclusions.”

As one peruses the course syllabus, there is no mention of abortion alternatives like adoption or pregnancy crisis centers.

UCSF claims it is “committed to nurturing diversity among its faculty, staff, students and trainees and strives to create an environment that is collegial, respectful and rewarding.” Where’s UCSF’s commitment to presenting the pro-life view in this course? Sadly it’s nowhere to be found.

The UC system’s bias in favor of abortion and left-leaning views should not come as a surprise. This is the same university system that welcomes pro-abortion students at UC-Santa Barbara who call pro-lifers “domestic terrorists” for displaying images of aborted babies. Moreover, most UC campuses—including 91 of America’s top 200 universities—have school-sponsored abortion healthcare plans.

As a 2012 graduate of University of California, San Diego, I cannot help but shudder at the thought of taxpayer dollars being funneled to an online course that aims to brainwash future UC graduates. Fellow UC students will solely hear the pro-abortion side and be unaware of abortion’s implications for both unborn babies and pregnant women.

What happened to upholding the university motto Fiat lux? How come alternative views are continually left in the dark? A light needs to be shined on this blatant abuse of taxpayer funds and disregard for intellectual diversity.

If students wish to shine a light on liberal bias or present alternative views on campus, I encourage them to contact Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program and report bias to Campus Reform.