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To Thank a Thief

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For the con man to get you to willingly hand over your possessions he must deceive your heart and mind that he cares about you. The success of the con man is sealed when the victim thanks him for taking advantage of them.

Exactly what happened when the people reelected Barack Obama. Not only did the masses reward him with another four years to plunder their possessions they now thank him with a 56% job approval rating.

How could Obama succeed in such a grand deception? The steady and methodical manipulation of reality.

In 2008 Obama convinced a war weary nation suffering from the shock of a financial meltdown that the cause of all their misery was the greedy institutions of capitalism. In other words America as founded. Hence the con man convincing the victim the need for a fundamental transformation of America.

In a nation of over 310 million people the con man needs accomplices to complete a deception of such great magnitude. State controlled education, Hollywood, and a compliant liberal media proved more than capable, they were and remain willing accomplices.

How does the con man win your heart and mind? By demonizing his opponent to make you believe that only he cares for you, and the opponent hates you. The opponents’ policies are the cause of your misery. Only the con man cares enough for you to change those policies.

The key to Obama’s deception was class warfare. People are easily fooled by class envy. Convincing them the greedy 1% who have amassed all the wealth aren’t paying their fair share, while the victim goes without, is an easy sale especially with accomplices in the media.

If only you give the con man the power to seize the property of the greedy he will return it to you and all will be fair in America. The victim doesn’t realize by giving the con man the power to seize the property of others they give the con man the power to seize theirs.

With willing accomplices Obama convinced America that a tax increase on the rich was a tax cut for the middle class. The reward for the thankful victims will be the true reality. The loss of jobs, opportunities, and raises.

However the con man’s job is far from finished. To gain absolute power over the victim the final phases of the plan must be completed.

During his first term the con man convinced the victim that only by ceding the control over their health care to him could he save those poor millions without health insurance. Now that the con man has control over the life and death decisions of the victim plus the power to seize their property, it is still not enough.

After four years of spending the victims children into debt bondage convincing the victim it was for their own good, Obama and his accomplices tell the victim the evil opponents, the Republicans, Tea Party, and conservatives are now blocking him from providing for their well being with a meaningless road block called a debt ceiling.

The con man is asking the victims being denied of his largesse to force their representatives to eliminate this insignificant road block to their care. This will forever prevent the evil opponents from stopping the con man from being able to borrow to pay for the victims every need.

There’s more, the con man sensing the opportunity to take advantage following the tragedies of mass shootings is convincing the victim they need to give up their right to the evil weapons that are the cause of these senseless killings. It’s for their own good. How delicious for the con man to disarm the prey?

The final phase of the con man’s plan is to convince the victim that only he can control mother nature. It is the evil rich capitalist and his industries that are causing violent storms that kill them and destroys their homes. If only the con man can tax those evil industries to stop them from polluting our pure atmosphere can future disasters be avoided.

The con man promised the fundamental transformation of America for the victims own good. Now we see the plan. For your own well being you must give the con man absolute power. For it is only the omnipotent leader who cares for you that can provide for all your needs by giving you what others have earned, provide for your health care, end the senseless killing of children, prevent disastrous storms, and deliver you into Utopia.

Please be sure to thank him before reality sets in.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Fritz Pfister or identified sources, and not necessarily those of RE/MAX Professionals of Springfield or RE/MAX International.

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