Frank Gaffney on Oklahoma Shariah Ruling

Posted: Jan 11, 2012 2:38 PM

Statement by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President of the Center for Security Policy, concerning the 10th Circuit Court’s ruling on the amendment to the Oklahoma State Constitution concerning shariah:

“As an adamant opponent of shariah and a strong supporter of efforts to prevent its insinuation into our country through our courts or other stealthy means, I welcome yesterday’s ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The amendment – while well intentioned – was crafted in a way that invited this outcome. “With 10th Circuit’s disposition of this case, it should now be possible to pursue in Oklahoma and elsewhere across the country other means of achieving the same end – namely, protecting American citizens from foreign laws whose application in U.S. courts would violate their constitutional rights or state public policy. This was the clear desire of 70% of the voters in Oklahoma in the 2010 referendum and is a sentiment shared by millions of their countrymen. “Fortunately, legislation that meets these tests has been developed by the American Public Policy Alliance. Known as “American Laws for American Courts” (or ALAC), it has already been enacted in three states and is expected to be considered in about twenty others in 2012. “The Center for Security Policy looks forward to working with Americans who share its commitment to the Constitution and its determination to prevent that founding document from being weakened or eviscerated by foreign laws, including shariah, to ensure that American laws are practiced in American courts.”