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AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

Since 2001, 2.8 million U.S. based manufacturing jobs have been stolen by Communist China. To put this number into perspective, that’s the entire population of Puerto Rico and enough people to fill Dallas Cowboy’s Football Stadium… 35 times. If these jobs had stayed in the United States, they would have added $133 billion dollars to the U.S. economy each year. These staggering losses were no accident, but rather part of a comprehensive and calculated plan by the Chinese Communist Party to destroy American manufacturing for their own omnipotent gain. Thank God, America is waking up and fighting back.


A great example of fighting back is Wellborn Cabinets. Employing 1,200 people in a town of 1,900 and a county of 14,000, Wellborn is the heart and soul of Ashland, Alabama. Started in 1960 as a small family manufacturer, they have grown into a multi-generational, worldwide supplier of high-quality American made fixtures. 

The Chinese Communist Party attempted to turn Wellborn’s American-made dream into a nightmare of poverty, deprivation and devastation. The Wellborn story is painfully common. Through a process of targeting, subsidizing and dumping, Communist China seeks world domination with no regard for the American businesses, towns and lives it destroys.

This process of targeting is formulaic, and the goal is eradication of the entire American enterprise. With precision and calculation, the Chinese Communists develop a thorough understanding of the specific industry, study the business, like Wellborn, and then enact their plan.

The plan begins with subsidization. In order to be competitive, the Chinese government fully finances and supports the parallel Chinese businesses. Flush with cash, the businesses enter the U.S. marketplace in an attempt to parasitically destroy the business and industry, step by step, in a methodical fashion. They start with the raw materials. In the case of Wellborn, they attempted to purchase the timber needed to make the cabinets but paid higher prices and purchased massive quantities. This drives up the cost of goods while leaving less inventory for the USA based companies like Wellborn. 


Then, they engage in dumping, whereby they flood the American market with their cheap imitation products at undercut prices to steal the business. The Wellborns of the world can’t compete. They are either forced to work with the Chinese or shut down all together. 

As a rational, compassionate citizen, it’s hard to believe that China would engage in such a process with ill intention. There is nothing malevolent about this method. Bluntly, the Chinese Communist Party is a dangerous, duplicitous entity that wants to annihilate America. The Chinese Communist Party is at war with the United States and they are winning. 

This is not a war of traditional weapons, yet it is far more precarious. This is a war of tacit deception, manipulation and patience. They do not announce their intentions, but rather operate under the guise of partnership. They take their time, plotting and scheming, acting as an ally. In all actuality, they hate us and will stop at nothing until they have become the world’s sole superpower. 

So, yes, when China targets our factories, they are doing so to destroy our manufacturing capabilities and obliterate our independence. It is an act of war in the battle for Chinese Communist world domination. The Chinese have used this targeting model to infiltrate every facet of American life. They have successfully targeted telecommunications, media, sports, farming, pharmaceuticals and even colleges. They will not stop until they control the United States entirely.


Luckily, there is a growing faction of Americans who will stop at nothing to end Communist China’s hostile takeover of the United States. They have started a movement and represent a shift in American values. They love our country and have started a new, grassroots brand of conservatism that puts America first. 

The Wellborn family is part of this movement. They saw the Chinese Communist targeting their business and fought back by forming a professional business coalition and assembling a team of lawyers who petitioned the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. International Trade Commission to stop Communist China’s illegal practice. They took their case all the way to the trade courts and won 5-0. Now, imports from China are down over 90%, Wellborn is hiring and the community is thriving.

The Wellborn story represents the American dream for every family, business, industry and community in this country. We are not powerless to the expansive threat of Communist China and the Wellborns are an example of the strength that we have as Americans. They have shown us what we can accomplish if we unite, stand up against the enemy and are proud to say, “Made in the USA.”  

Erin M. Elmore is an attorney, political strategist, on-air correspondent, and the Executive Director of USA Strong, a grassroots organization focused on rebuilding American greatness. Her commentary has been featured on Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Nation, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Daily Mail, and The New York Post, among others. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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