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Black lives matter. All lives matter and have infinite value. But the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is an entirely other entity, one that has the ability to destroy our society. It will take a miracle to stop it. And if you think BLM is a force that is irreparably damaging our country and culture, you’re not a racist. 

The BLM movement is well on the path to succeed where Planned Parenthood and the trans-continental slave trade could not: it is moving towards erasing the essence of humanity.Abortion was not considered morally acceptable in the last several decades and Planned Parenthood has worked hard to turn societal attitudes in that direction.Yet even still, most people can understand why ending a human life before it is born would be considered wrong.

Society eventually came to believe that slavery was wrong, even though modern slavery still exists under the radar in various forms. Yet most people can understand that forcing another human being into submission and bondage against their will and treating that person as non-human is wrong.Anti-abortionists and abolitionists have been able to voice opposition to these wrongs for generations.

Here is the key difference: the BLM movement remains above reproach in that anyone questioning them is shut down, socially ridiculed, personally attacked, deemed a racist, and becomes a victim to our modern day ‘cancel culture.’ This fact makes the BLM movement the most powerful propaganda campaign in modern history.

What better way to manufacture (manipulate) consent than to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the people with the mere presumption of racism? You are automatically a bad person if you do not support BLM. And that is terrifying.  

My mother is from the Philippines and my father is black. I didn’t always fit into the boxes society tried to put me in and took a long path towards the truth. I refuse to passively accept the powerful propaganda, dangerous dogma, and weaponized worldview that the BLM movement promotes.  

No one can deny that the lives of the descendants of African ancestry are important. If you do, you are a racist.No one in their right mind believes that black men or boys, women or girls ought to be shot and killed either by police, to settle a beef, or by a stray bullet.No reason is justified.But the BLM movement has crafted a lie to force everyone to think that because of certain situations, the entire society is evil and that black people are powerless and incapable of controlling their own lives.No one in history has succeeded in fully degrading what it is to be black, until BLM.Every word, every opinion, every act falls under their control now.  

Most people still think that BLM is an innocent, righteous movement founded by broken-hearted lesbians who seek justice for their fellow black people; but it is not that, at least not anymore.

It’s not a simple yard sign or church banner.It never was.Every time a Black Lives Matters sign is planted, it proliferates the notion that black people are less than everyone else.BLM is just the belief that our society is evil and must end.That is the opinion to be accepted by the public.

Through every hardship, flaw, and fault, the individual, the family, communities, generations have overcome every single obstacle and it is our society that will continue to overcome whatever the challenge.Together, we are what makes our society prosper.But BLM wants none of that.The very concept of who we are must end for them.

We are being pushed off the proverbial cliff by the carefully crafted BLM.The only solution is to not participate at all.Just like other destructive propaganda in the past, society needs to forcefully reject it.No good will ever come from destroying property, burning and looting businesses, and shutting down constructive dialogue. Solutions are not what the BLM movement wants. They want total destruction of society. And if you are not OK with that and if you’re not OK with the destructive BLM movement, you’re not a racist. You are a decent human being who has found the truth. 


Elizabeth Matory is the Vice President of Government Relations for And Then There Were, a non-profit ministry founded by Abby Johnson to support abortion clinic workers quit to bring an end to the abortion industry.A graduate of Howard University School of Law, Columbia University, and University of Maryland’s Robert H Smith School of Business, Liz was a liberal and now conservative activist for twenty years.Author ofBorn Again RepublicanandBecoming Born Again, Liz is a founding member of The Heritage Foundation’s Citizenship Project. 

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