The Dems Are Destroying Kavanaugh, But We Can Play That Game Too

Posted: Sep 27, 2018 12:01 AM
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The Dems Are Destroying Kavanaugh, But We Can Play That Game Too

Democrats are not letting go of their obsession with destroying Brett Kavanaugh and using his (alleged) high school or college sexual indiscretions to do it. Right now, Republicans need to stand together and demand an end to this madness.

Democrats do not actually expect any nominee for anything to be lily white pure. After all, this is the party that gave us Bill Clinton – someone whose indiscretions were at a much older age and while holding elected office. It’s also the party that wants kids to know abortion is always available as a form of birth control so they can be sexually irresponsible. But if one person says that a perfectly qualified nominee for Supreme Court Justice may have crossed the line with a girl in high school or college with zero proof that it happened, they try to destroy his life 35 years later. 

Does anyone see a pattern – and did any of these events allegedly involving Kavanaugh happen in the first place? 

The first allegation remains uncorroborated; almost two weeks later, not a single person Christine Blasey Ford named in her Washington Post interview admitted to being at this party or even knowing about it. So the Dems found more pawns (Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick) willing to say he did things that were progressively more unbelievable. Ramirez alleged that he exposed himself to her in front of a bunch of classmates at a party and made her touch his penis, and yet even this sympathetic portrayal of the accuser admits that “interviews of Kavanaugh and Ramirez’s Yale classmates revealed conflicting perceptions of whether the event that she alleged occurred and whether Kavanaugh was responsible.” 

As for the third accuser, Swetnick’s story accuses Kavanaugh and friend Mark Judge of running an actual gang rape ring in high school. Why would Kavanaugh, who claims to have been a virgin at the time, participate in anything remotely like this? At this point, these stories sound like liberal fantasy (and it’s only a little suspicious that they were revealed on Twitter by Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ attorney who thinks he’s running for President). Ultimately, this accusation will prove to be as hollow as the other two. When that happens, what will the Democrats stoop to next? Where does it end? 

That’s why those of us who call ourselves conservatives, Republicans or supporters of the President’s agenda need to band together to find skeletons in Democrats’ closets (real ones). I don't care what Brett Kavanaugh or anyone else did at that age, because we all did some version of a sexual indiscretion in those years – but if those things are as bad as the Democrats say, let’s dig theirs up too. Look at Cory Booker; he acknowledged his own similar event, but he gets a pass because he was “transformed” by becoming a peer counselor at Stanford (or something?).  

If Democrats really believe that our leaders must have a spotless personal record as far back as their teen years, then let’s find some people that went to high school or college with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Richard Blumenthal, Bernie Sanders, Elijah Cummings – and of course, Diane Feinstein (who’s probably regretting her role in this mess right about now). Let’s find some people who knew the “new establishment” Democrats: Kamala Harris, Keith Ellison (oops) and Cory Booker (where there’s smoke, there’s fire; Booker has other skeletons, I guarantee it). 

Having gone through the stage of being a foolish adolescent on the way to becoming a responsible adult (like we all did), I believe this is the only way we will ever put an end to this Democrat strategy to derail any nominee’s chances of appointment and destroy their life. 

Who’s the next mystery person to come out of the shadows and expose some Democrats for being human? If you care about the future of our country, help me find them. 

Ed Hoffman is a business owner and licensed mortgage lender in California and Arizona. He is host of The Main Event, a conservative talk radio program that airs on Salem Radio Network stations throughout Southern California. Contact him at www.edhoffman.net.