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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Wait just a minute! Did I hear it right during Joe Biden’s recent speech that if we demand a fair and accurate election, and expect the integrity of our elections to be protected, we’re “election deniers” and a threat to American democracy? It sure sounded like that’s what Biden was telling us when he gave his speech the other night. 


I’m just curious if anyone who has questions about how the 2020 election was handled in several key states, as well as having concerns about Tuesday’s midterm elections being fairly and securely administered, feels like an “election denier”? Did Joe Biden’s efforts to denigrate and even disenfranchise 75 million Americans cause anyone to reassess how they feel about what happened in November of 2020?

During his speech, ‘Mr. 81 Million Votes’ levied some harsh and severe criticism against roughly 300 Republican office seekers who are currently vying for seats across the nation in Congress, the Senate, Governorships, and many other statewide and local offices. Joe Biden claims that they are all “election deniers” because they have expressed skepticism about how someone as incompetent as him could ever be elected president.

He called it un-American to question the outcome of an election. This makes me wonder why most states’ election laws have automatic recounts established that kick in following closely decided races. Is that un-American? Are candidates from both parties who avail themselves of that option if they come up short on Election Day “un-American”?

Was it un-American for Al Gore to demand a recount in Florida following the closely contested 2000 presidential election? The Gore team fought tooth and nail to try to pry an election victory out of the Florida election officials, using every argument and legal appeal they could muster to keep the counting going on and on ‘ad nauseam.’ Certainly, most of us remember the “hanging chads”, “dimpled chads”, court filings, political maneuvering, etc, etc, etc. Ultimately George W. Bush was declared the winner, but that decision has been derided and Bush’s legitimacy denied ever since. By Democrats.


Is it un-American of Hillary Clinton to deny her election defeat to Donald Trump in 2016, which she does nearly every time she opens her mouth? Instead of accepting that the reason for her defeat was because voters saw her as the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for president, Hillary blamed it on everyone else, and on election shenanigans on the part of Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Or how about Georgia Governor in Exile Stacey Abrams, who still claims that she won the 2018 election in Georgia? An election that she fairly and legitimately lost by over 55,000 votes?

Perhaps it is that Joe Biden himself might just be embarrassed by the nature of his election victory over President Donald Trump in November of 2020, in which he supposedly garnered over 81 million votes, a feat never achieved before in an American election, even during both of the elections held when he was on the ballot with Barack Obama, and up against two extremely weak Republican candidates.

Republicans had very real concerns about how the COVID restrictions and the never-before-seen massive amount of mail-in ballots were handled in 2020. The potential for fraud was very real. Enough questions were created in the minds of many Republicans to cast doubts about the integrity of the 2020 results and beyond.


So, sorry, Joe, demanding and ensuring that our elections are fair and legitimate is not un-American, indeed it’s the most American thing to do.


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