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So Hillary Clinton has a “Comprehensive Terrorism Plan” ?

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Following the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey, as well as the Minnesota mall attack of this past weekend, Hillary Clinton’s staff was quick to release a statement reassuring us all that the Democrat Party’s nominee for President of the United States has a “comprehensive plan” for dealing with terrorism. So quick was her campaign’s response that one would get the impression that she had a prepared statement just waiting in the event a terrorist attack occurred before the November election. How prescient.


Typical of politicians who like to throw out catchy campaign slogans and catch-phrases, when Hillary Clinton uses terms like “comprehensive plan” it’s nothing more than her hoping that it sounds ‘presidential’ to voters. She might have some dog and pony show prepared that she can put on for voters, but the reality is that when she was part of the Obama Administration’s National Security Team she supported a policy failure which has resulted in the growth of radical Islam around the world.

The bottom line is that we will never succeed in this war on terrorism by being in denial, or by being more concerned about political correctness, and refusing to identify the challenge that we face. Something the Obama Administration has been doing now for nearly eight years. Weakness and indecision, or making bad decisions begets failure, and likely costs innocent lives.

As a former counterterrorism professional, I will suggest that there is only one strategy, or to quote Hillary, one “comprehensive plan” that will defeat Islamic terrorism. We must hunt them down and kill them. No catch-phrases or campaign slogans, just truth and honesty to the American people. It’s as simple as that. “Hunt them down and kill them” is much easier for voters to understand. And I would suggest that is the type of “comprehensive plan” that voters will support in November.

We also have to go after the sources of radicalization, the radical Muslim mosque leaders – I refuse to call them “clerics” - who preach hatred, and the Islamic Madrassas that poison the minds of young, impressionable Muslim boys in their formative years. We can’t sit back and wait for the message to change, we need to change the messengers.


An idiotic and purely symbolic gesture such as closing down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility is simply a wasted effort. While Barack Obama continues to claim that GITMO is a recruiting tool for the Jihadi terrorists, the reality is that Barack Obama and his supporters are the only ones who mention Guantanamo Bay anymore. The Jihadi terrorists certainly don’t. They could care less about GITMO.

Instead of closing GITMO down we should be filling its’ cells with more and more terrorists taken off the battlefield. At least the ones we don’t hunt down and kill outright. And we should employ whatever enhanced interrogation techniques that are necessary to extract as much useful intelligence from these terrorist detainees as we can obtain. Hopefully information that will lead us to more Jihadi terrorists we can hunt down and kill.

Americans are beginning to finally recognize that the half-hearted effort against Islamic terrorism that has been underway during the Obama Administration has been just that, half-hearted. A shell game, a mirage. Anything but a genuine and concerted effort to defeat the evil of Jihadism that has come to the streets of America as a result of the failure of Obama’s policies. His heart simply hasn’t been in it.

One can also argue that Hillary Clinton’s primary motivation has nothing to do with patriotism and a love of country, but is more rooted in her insatiable personal ambition. I simply can’t recall ever hearing her with sincerity and passion express her love of America, which came so easy for former President Ronald Reagan. One knew without a doubt that when Ronald Reagan expressed his feelings about America that it was genuine and sincere. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barak Obama evokes the same impression.


But if she achieves her obsessive quest for the White House I guess we’ll see just how comprehensive her plan really is. If her handling of Libya is any indication then I doubt that I’ll be sleeping any better at night knowing that Hillary’s steady hand is on the helm of this Ship of State. Considering that on September 11th of 2012 when the “three o’clock in the morning phone call” came in from Benghazi, that call went unanswered.

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