It Depends on What the Definition of “Classified” is

Posted: Jul 30, 2015 12:01 AM
It Depends on What the Definition of “Classified” is

As former Secretary of State and current 2016 Democrat Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton prepares her version of the successful defense her husband used during his impeachment trial, we need to anticipate what exactly Hillary will be claiming.

Her husband Bill used the “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” defense successfully, and now Hillary has already begun to lay the groundwork for a hybrid of her husband Bill’s “is” defense and Al Gore’s famous “no controlling legal authority” defense. With her recent comments that no information that was classified “at the time” was transmitted over her private e-mail server, it is obvious what her strategy is going to be.

Amazing how Democrats can twist and gyrate through the English language to come up with a means of defending themselves when they’ve been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

One can certainly expect her defense strategy to be trumpeted by her Democrat colleagues and accepted without question by the low information voters Democrats always cater to. But anyone with even the normal number of functioning brain cells knows that one doesn’t need to have “Top Secret” stamped across a document to understand that the information contained within it might be sensitive in nature and perhaps even highly classified.

My concern is if Hillary was unable to determine that she was discussing highly classified information across an unsecure server, then was she even qualified to serve in a high public office with access to a great deal of highly sensitive and classified information on a daily basis?

Government employees who routinely handle highly classified information through the course of their daily duties are required to possess a government security clearance. Obtaining a clearance requires the prospective employee to go through an extensive background investigation to determine their loyalty, trustworthiness, and “good judgment.”

One may be considered loyal and trustworthy but if during the investigation it’s determined that they are a scatterbrained individual who possesses questionable judgment, they will not be approved to receive a government security clearance.

The same holds true for a government employee who may possess a security clearance. If they start displaying judgment lapses in protecting classified information and mishandling highly sensitive information on a regular basis, their security clearance will be suspended and they will no longer have access to classified information.

It’s a pretty good bet that based on her long history of having shady associates-including her husband Bill- and record of corruption and lying, Hillary Rodham Clinton would never pass a government background investigation and be awarded a security clearance.

That makes one wonder how Hillary will be able to do her job if she is elected president, since she’s clearly shown lapses of judgment and carelessness in handling and protecting classified and sensitive information. One would assume as president she will be surrounded by high level and highly classified information daily.

I can see it now. At her first cabinet meeting after being elected, with all her cabinet officers seated and ready to discuss issues of national and international importance, an FBI agent steps into the Cabinet Room, clears his throat and says, “Madam President, can you step out of the room please? The discussion will include classified information.”

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