Explaining Obama’s Obsession

Posted: Feb 16, 2015 12:01 AM

The fact that Barack Obama appears almost obsessed with the earth’s perfectly normal climate-changing patterns, but the myth of ‘climate change’ has nothing to do with him being a champion of the environment at all. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama being a believer in or falling for former Vice President Al Gore’s greatest con job. The explanation is really very simple. Climate change fits into the Obama agenda for “fundamentally transforming” the United States of America.

His goal all along has been to change the United States from its position as the world economic and military leader, and to knock America down a peg or two into just being another member of the world community, exceptional only in how all other countries are “exceptional in their own way”.

And just why is Barack Obama so determined to remove America from its place as the world’s super power and leader ? It’s because Barack Obama basically despises everything America is, he hates America’s history and our rich heritage. In the eyes of Barack Obama and the people he has surrounded himself with in his administration, America has been a force for evil and oppression and not a beacon of freedom in the world.

Growing up in Indonesia Barack Obama was never exposed in school to the richness of American history. He never learned about the American Revolution and how we broke away from our British oppressors. He hasn’t a clue about Manifest Destiny and our expansion west across a vast continent into uncharted territories. The American pioneer spirit and our great American story was unknown to young Barack. He grew up hearing only the Muslim call to prayer as a young boy.

Once he eventually made it to the United States his only influences were from staunch Marxists who viewed America with disdain, and who saw the U.S. as nothing more than a nation of racists who discriminated against others with dark skin like Barack Obama. Those were the people who influenced Barack Obama’s young mind during his formative years.

Isn’t it curious that one rarely hears Barack Obama talk lovingly and at length of the mother who bore him ? One just doesn’t hear the president discuss his youth growing up, and really very little is known about his time as a young boy overseas or in the United States.

Other than the fact that he spent a great deal of time being raised by his grandparents both of whom were avowed communists. In fact Barack Obama was indoctrinated growing up and during his formative years by a bevy of leftists. So why in the world would one expect him to be any different ?

Proclaiming “climate change” as the greatest threat we face, far above the threat from terrorism or the Russians and Chinese all plays into Obama’s grand scheme. When you cripple industry with countless regulations, many based on the myth of climate change, you disrupt the American economy. When you disrupt the American economy you put people out of work and make them dependent on the government.

And when you make people dependent on the government for their very existence you create a population of minions. People who will blindly obey and follow you so as not to lose the government largesse they receive and need for their very survival.

Freedom and self-determination is a concept that is foreign to the ‘Obamunists’ way of thinking. The myth of climate change isn’t at all about his legitimate concern for our environment. The myth of climate change is once again all about the Barack Obama Administration’s determination to “fundamentally transform the United State of America”. And to control the American people.