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When a history of the American Presidency for the last fifty years is compiled, listed among the most curious aspects of those five decades of presidential administrations will be the inclusion of Alfred Charles Sharpton as a ‘trusted presidential advisor’ to the Obama Administration.Countless photographs from presidential and news media archives will show Alfred virtually glowing in his self-importance, seated at the side of the president.


Alfred Charles Sharpton, born in New York City on October 3rd, in 1954 has shown that in America anything is possible.A person with no talent or abilities, of questionable character and certainly offering nothing of substance, can raise himself above the humble beginnings he was born into and achieve prestige and importance among the highest levels of American government.A true American con-artist success story.

To appreciate Alfred’s success one needs to understand that he has been able to repeatedly remake himself over the years.After attending Brooklyn College for two years Alfred dropped out and had no additional higher education or formal seminary training, though he carries the title of “Reverend”.

Working as nothing more than a ‘snitch’, a street level hustler who served as a paid informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Alfred was able to glom onto entertainer James Brown and become a ‘hanger-on’ with the successful ‘Godfather of Soul’.

But Alfred quickly recognized that his true talents were as a race-baiting con artist, stirring up racial hatred at every opportunity.He had found his true calling in life.

Alfred has been able to insinuate himself into countless incidents where a racial aspect might or might not be involved.If one isn’t there, he’ll create it.Having no facts or evidence (it never stopped him before), Alfred is always ready and able to inject charges of racism and stir up civil unrest.All for his own ego gratification and to line his own pockets with money.


Wherever Alfred travels to speak out on behalf of the racially downtrodden he stays at hotels like the Ritz Carlton and other first class accommodations, and travels in chauffeur-driven limousines.Living a lifestyle of luxury that those he claims to represent never share, and reportedly leaving behind thousands of dollars of unpaid bills on a regular basis that hotels have to struggle to eventually collect on.

Most recently Alfred leapt into the fray surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.Continuing the “hands up, don’t shoot” charade, Alfred led the charge calling for a “special prosecutor” because all the scientific and forensic evidence didn’t provide the results he wanted, which was the railroading of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.A justified police shooting of a young black man wasn’t the narrative that could provide the limelight Alfred so craves, or put money in Alfred’s pockets.

After all, Alfred has experience with railroads.He engineered the attempt to railroad white police officers and officials in the Tawana Brawley case years earlier in 1987, not to mention the Duke University NON-rape case in 2006.

Alfred currently peddles his brand of low-brow commentary on the MSNBC cable news network, which fortunately receives dismal ratings and appeals to a very small audience who look to blame others for their own failures and lack of success in life.So Alfred’s influence is limited to other race hustlers and the weak-minded.


In 2004 Alfred proclaimed himself a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president.Certainly not a viable candidate but the Democratic Party allowed him to be a participant in the presidential nominating debates.The fact that the Democratic Party would give voice to this ‘carnival huckster’ should clearly tell everyone how far the Democratic Party has separated itself from mainstream America.

Even more outrageous is the fact that the sitting president of the United States seeks the counsel of someone like Alfred. With Alfred’s history it makes one wonder about the intellectual credentials and motivations of the person sitting in the Oval Office.

Most recently Alfred met with SONY executive Amy Pascal to discuss the SONY senior executives’ racially-tinged e-mail exchanges discussing Barack Obama.Did Alfred leave the meeting carrying a hefty check from SONY, a donation to his National Action Network ?If Alfred’s current delinquent tax problem is resolved in the near future we’ll probably have an answer to that question.

Alfred will continue to inject himself in any incident or situation where there’s a TV camera present, and where he sees the potential of lining his pockets with some serious coin.Alfred’s motivation is all about ‘Alfred’, and much less about those who may actually have been the victims of racism and discrimination.


Alfred’s excesses will continue as long as the money keeps rolling in and the American news media keep providing him coverage. And American race relations will continue to suffer a setback every time Alfred arrives on the scene.


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