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In the United States of today, only liberals and the far-left are allowed to discriminate without fear of penalty and do so with a vengeance.

As I have stressed in the past, human nature dictates that we tend to embrace the truth right up until the moment it reflects poorly upon us or our cause. A truth that liberals and the far-left ignore or deny is that over the course of the last four decades, they have put a strangle-hold on the three largest megaphones of our nation by one means and one means only.



Those three megaphones being the media, academia and entertainment.

For the last 40 years-plus, liberals and the far-left have not only come to dominate the media, academia, and entertainment, but have systematically engaged in an effort to limit or outright eradicate Republican, conservative, libertarian, independent, and even Christian thought.

They have done so by methodically gaining positions of power within those fields and then going out of their way to only hire those who thought like them and more importantly, acted like them.

The irony that many of these liberals made their names or launched their careers fighting discrimination is not lost on them.

They know they are engaged in unlawful discrimination but truly believe that any means now justifies the end they seek.

That end being total capitulation to the "progressive" group-think they espouse.

Totalitarian thought by any other name is still totalitarian thought.

Those three all-powerful megaphones within our nation have a number of critically important subsets. Two of those being book publishing and sports. 

Again, while the liberals and the far-left may not want to embrace this truth, it is a fact that the vast majority of "mainstream" book publishing is controlled — with an iron fist — by liberals and the far-left. With that virtually unchecked power, has come a goal to censor conservative and Christian authors. Nothing is ever admitted. The owners and editors who run these publishing empires simply publish fewer and fewer conservative and Christian authors in favor of much more politically correct and diverse writers who simply reflect their views.


The same now being the case in the world of sports. ESPN, the three major networks, the top 100 newspapers and even the Golf Channel, now make their hires based upon liberal group-think, political correctness and diversity.

As they well know, the only way these publishers and sports departments can "cleanse" their editorial staff, reporters and author lists is through discrimination.

In today's climate, if a conservative or even an ethical and unbiased academic — there must be a few left — wanted to have an open and honest discussion about this blatant discrimination, they would be shouted down and their reputations smeared if possible.

A more important irony in all of this being that in some real ways, ultrawealthy conservatives and Christians bear some of the responsibility for this now unchecked discrimination and liberal groupthink.

For the last four decades plus, when the opportunity came to buy a media outlet, many chose to sit on the sidelines and let wealthy liberals grab yet one more subset of the megaphones of our nation.

Two examples being the Washington Post and the Boston Globe. Two far-left "newspapers" which were put up for sale in the last decade and bought for a fraction of their peak value by ultra-wealthy liberal investors.

Two newspapers which now daily use their hundreds of politically-correct, liberal-group-think hires to attack President Trump, Republicans and conservatives.

To be clear, the last thing I would want is for conservative investors to purchase those newspapers — or any media outlet — and turn them into conservative propaganda rags. I don't want to read "conservative" bias in news copy any more than I want to read "liberal" bias in news copy. I just want honest news.


Honest news every American needs to make informed judgments.

Unfortunately, because of discrimination and liberal group-think, that is far from the case.

Google, Facebook and other companies — high-tech and otherwise — feel free to discriminate against conservative thought and honest dialogue because they know the three major megaphones of our nation are controlled by those who think and act like them.

Are there any liberals in the media, academia, entertainment and the Googles of the world who will now speak out against such discrimination?

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