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America -- Meet Francis Suarez

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For the last twenty years or so, first as a Republican, and of late as an independent conservative, I have been imploring the GOP to reach out in more meaningful ways to Hispanic and minority-America. Of course, unlike some connected with the Republican National Committee, I would suggest we do so without abandoning some of our principles -- or by the way, the principles of those in those communities.


After what many Americans consider Mitt Romney’s embarrassing loss to Barack Obama, reaching out most especially to Hispanic-America is now in vogue.

The question of the day still being: Who and how?

As for the “Who,” I would suggest that the Republican leaders and anyone interested in hearing from a principled Hispanic-American who cherishes family and traditional values, reach out to Mr. Francis Suarez. Once they do, they will realize that he has much of the “How” already mapped out should anyone care to listen.

Even though Francis is one of the most impressive young Hispanic-American leaders in the nation (still only a thirty-something), and was born, raised, and resides in the critical swing state of Florida -- as in the swing state Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama by less than one-percent of the vote -- much of the GOP leadership has yet to learn of him or his commitment to principled outreach.

If they care to look, he is not hard to find. For the last few years he has been the head of the City Council of Miami and now on top of that, has decided to run for Mayor of his hometown city in the belief that its promise has yet to be realized and that it must serve as a shining example of all that is right with America and right with diversity.


Unlike many in politics, Francis Suarez believes this can be accomplished without running from, or watering down, principles. Instead, he substitutes hard work, accountability, and vision.

I first met Francis several years ago through a mutual acquaintance. Since then, we have had a number of discussions pertaining to the state of the nation, Hispanic-American outreach, and the best paths forward which respect the rule of law, the proper role of government, the strength of family, and the value of reaching, living, and maintainingthe American dream.

For a number of the political professionals in and around Miami, Francis Suarez is the next Marco Rubio…or more. They know he can elevate the discussion on good governance and outreach and take his message of inclusion and values to a national audience.

Voters and all Americans have rightly become cynical about politics, but as I have witnessed, while steeped in cutting edge technology, Francis is also someone who believes in working and campaigning the old fashioned way as well. That is, employing retail politics when possible to reach one constituent at a time: a formula to date which is connecting to people from every economic, social, and ethnic background.


As the complexion of the nation changes, it’s critically important that we ignore all who say we must change our values to reach a more diverse community. Nonsense. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At the end of the day, most Americans from every walk of life and ethnic background want and in fact are searching for, elected-officials wedded to principles and values.

Francis Suarez is one of those public servants. His time is now.

Who, in and out of the political establishment, will recognize that?

For those who care to learn more about a candidate who puts people and principles before party and special interests -- or even support him -- visit his website by clicking here.

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