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Carlos Barria/Pool Photo via AP

In the United States we have “elected representatives.” Citizens elect persons to represent their interests at the local, state and federal level. But just who are today’s representatives representing, who are they viewing as the opposition? In our growingly tense political landscape it’s getting easier and easier to see just who is for whom and who is against whom. Consider the following:
Democrats in Washington and across America have given or are fighting to give illegal immigrants healthcare coverage, coverage that’s paid for by their taxpaying [legal citizen] constituents.
Democrats in Washington and across America have given or are fighting to give illegal immigrants free college tuition, tuition that’s paid for by their taxpaying [legal citizen] constituents.
Democrats in Washington and across America have given or are fighting to provide illegal immigrants free legal defense funds, funded by their taxpaying [legal citizen] constituents.
Democrats in Washington and across America have given or are fighting to give illegal immigrants free housing,food stamps and other forms of welfare assistance, voting rights, driver’s licenses and more. The bills for all of it being footed by their taxpaying [legal citizen] constituents.
Yet each and every one of the Democrats in Washington D.C. voted against lowering federal income taxes on their taxpaying [legal citizen] constituents. They’ll spend hard-working taxpayer money on citizens of other nations living illegally in our country but won’t vote to reduce the financial burden on those who actually have to pay those bills? Themselves included and that’s just ridiculous.
The same Democrats are also complaining about the “disgustingly high” cost of the border wall. The same people who voted for one of the largest tax increases in the known history of civilization, the two trillion-dollar Affordable Care Act, raised few of their eyebrows but a five-billion-dollar request for a wall is a budget buster? Democrats are fine with taxpayers funding a bevy of benefits for any and all persons living in [or reaping the benefits of] our country illegally but can’t seem to find a spare dime in those same treasury accounts to devote to a border security structure?
If the question is,“Who are you for and who are you against?”(and it is) it is appearing obvious that today’s Democrats are for citizens of other nations and against citizens of this one, those also referred to as their own constituents.
In Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi's five-minute rebuttal to President Trump's speech to the American people Tuesday night, neither of them once mentioned the names "Kate Steinle," "Ronil Singh," or "Brandon Mendoza." They never mentioned any other deceased American citizens, murdered at the hands of illegal immigrants within our borders, or thought to tell the stories or share the feelings of their grieving families.
However, they did mention one name. They said it again and again and again. A combined total of 17 mentions-- more than three times every minute. The duo aggressively repeated the words “President Trump,” “president,” “Trump,” “he,” or “his” in reference to the president. Thus, making it astonishingly clear who they view as the opposition or enemy in this struggle. Once again, it’s a fellow American citizen.
President Trump and most of the Republicans on Capitol Hill are representing the people who voted for them to hold their positions. They are working for the legal citizens and when Sen. Mitch McConnell blocked the government, he was not being anti-American worker, he was thinking about those who live near the border, and the citizens who were brutally murdered by those illegal immigrants. Democrats are the ones keeping the government closed because they care more about the rights of those citizens of other nations. And since Pelosi and Schumer are so keen on welcoming all these non-citizens, they should also invite them into their homes, keep in mind their own homes either have a doorman who checks your ID prior to entering, or a wall with a gate.
It’s no secret. Today’s Democrats belong to the people of the world whose lives “fully depend on” our faulty immigration system. They belong to the illegal citizens who reap the benefits of the good taxpaying American citizens. They represent everyone but the American citizens.

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