Four More Years - Why President Donald J. Trump Deserves Re-Election

Posted: Nov 03, 2020 9:10 PM
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Four More Years - Why President Donald J. Trump Deserves Re-Election

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NEW YORK — I just returned from my precinct in Manhattan’s East Village where I proudly voted for a second helping of President Donald J. Trump’s bold and transformative leadership. There are many reasons for this choice and for my making it with tremendous enthusiasm.

Beyond prosperity and peace, Trump has secured a dizzying array of conservative victories across the policy spectrum. Among these, he has delivered conservative wins that go far beyond the well-known and much-appreciated Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, robust deregulation (eight old rules killed for every new one imposed), and the extermination of the ISIS caliphate.

President Trump has brought conservatism into the nooks and crannies of the federal government. Some of these achievements fall into areas of public-policy erotic fantasy. Conservative wonks have imagined such things alone, with the lights off. And President Trump has turned these wild dreams into reality.

Some of these policy reforms satisfy cultural conservatives — and not necessarily those on the religious Right. Even non-believing heathens like me can appreciate much of what President Trump has done to advance American culture, which those of faith also will applaud.

•President Trump scrapped Obama-Biden's Title IX guidance letter that shredded due-process protections for those suspected of on-campus sexual harassment. Obama-Biden destroyed numerous, innocent young college men who learned that accusation spelled conviction.

•Trump junked the federal government's taxpayer-funded fomentation of ethnic strife through Critical Race Theory re-education, brainwashing, and vengeance activities.

•He recently launched the 1776 Project to re-introduce patriotic education and scuttle the far Left's America-loathing 1619 Project.

•Trump signed an executive order favoring a revival in classical architecture in new federal buildings and an end to Uncle Sam's construction of taxpayer-funded Brutalist eyesores.

•The president delivered the first in-person address by a U.S. chief executive at the March for Life. Democrats spurned the gathering, and previous GOP chief executives literally and awkwardly phoned in their remarks. 

•President Trump gave colleges and universities a simple choice: Protect the First Amendment free-speech rights of students and student organizations or lose federal research funds.

•Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other far-Left radicals toppled statues of Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and even Frederick Douglas. This senseless orgy of destruction almost brought Andrew Jackson off of his pedestal in Washington’s Lafayette Park. President Trump then signed an executive order mandating a 10-year prison sentence for anyone who tore down monuments on federal property. The statuecide stopped at once.

•President Trump ditched Obama-Biden’s useless, pointless Net Neutrality program. This was a regulatory bird’s nest in desperate search of a problem. Quick: Name someone you know who has lost access to the Internet and its services since Trump killed this measure. Neither can I.

•Trump’s Right to Try lets terminally ill patients enjoy access to experimental drugs that were off-limits to them since, the FDA argued, they could prove lethal. For most patients, that makes sense. For those at death’s door, that objection constituted cruel and unusual punishment. And now, for those as sick as sick gets, that objection has evaporated.

•Trump’s new regulations on price transparency should end surprise medical bills and — what a concept! — require that hospitals actually declare prices for their procedures and services. Imagine, letting consumers shop around for medical care, just as they do for everything else.

President Trump has turned out to be light years better than too many Republicans who cut some taxes, kill a program or two, and then fall asleep. Instead, he tirelessly looks for new places to apply conservative principles. And he finds them. This far exceeds what even his biggest fans expected in 2016.

For these reasons and many more, President Donald J. Trump has earned four more years!

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with theLondon Center for Policy Research.

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