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Joshua A. Bickel/The Columbus Dispatch via AP, Pool

Panic sells, or so it seems. I would never donate to a campaign where the tactic is “If you don’t give to us we’re going to shut everything down and lose!” because that campaign doesn’t seem all that stable to begin with, and is unlikely to do well. In other words: the stench of desperation, at least in my mind, would turn off supporters. Yet that stench is the tactic employed by Congressman Tim Ryan, Democrat, in his run for Senate in Ohio.

It started just a few days ago, after the Ohio Senate debate in which Republican JD Vance humiliated Ryan on the issue of race. It was funny to watch. Then it became even funnier to watch the emails both from his campaign and from coordinating groups.

The group the Democratic Strategy Institute sent one under the sender name “ignored & abandoned” with the subject line, “NBC News: NOBODY cares about Tim Ryan.” Who is that meant to appeal to?

Then came one from Ryan himself, in coordination with the group National Democratic Training Committee, where they would split whatever donations they get. (I don’t think the National Democratic Training Committee is associated with the party itself, so I’m not sure how they’re able to coordinate like this but these people make the laws, so I’m sure it’s legal somehow.) The subject line for the email from the candidate himself was “Please help.” As if that weren’t uninspiring enough, the first thing you see when you open the email is a dour picture of Ryan with the words, “I need a miracle. PLEASE. Can you chip in?” written across it. 

In that email, Congressman Ryan writes, “Stop everything you’re doing. Don’t close this email. Don’t open Facebook. I’m neck-and-neck in the polls, but Democrats are abandoning me in droves. And it’ll take a last-minute miracle for me to hit my $10,000 goal tonight. So please, can you chip in to help me win?” Why would anyone reading that think giving to him would be a good use of their money? “My campaign sucks. Hell, I suck and everyone hates me, but won’t you please give?” Who thought that was a good idea?

Never to be outdone on the stupid/crazy meter, the group Stop Republicans sent their pitch, and suddenly it seemed like things might have changed. “Derek Hunter: This is UNPRECEDENTED. Stop what you’re doing and read closely. Nate Silver says Tim Ryan could flip Ohio blue -- so generous Democrats unlocked an emergency 200%-match on all gifts to help Tim Ryan. If you donate by midnight, your gift is worth DOUBLE.” Those rich Democrats are only willing to set their money on fire if you set your money on fire first!

At least that email, send Saturday, sounded upbeat. Oddly enough, the link for the “200%-match” that was supposed to end at midnight was still active Sunday afternoon. It’s almost like they were lying.

Also on Saturday, the National Democratic Training Committee send another email, this one from the name “It’s done. It’s over. GOODBYE.” Their subject line: “Tim Ryan GONE.” That email was sent at 10:48 am Saturday, and at 11:58 am Saturday, the Democratic Strategy Institute send one from “MAJOR Ohio Update” with the subject line, “Tim Ryan Surges.” 

Normally, two groups sending out emails with exactly opposite themes wouldn’t be worth noting – each group has to make its own decisions about how best to milk idiotic Democrats who still have cash left in their bank accounts or room on their credit cards. But the bottom of the email from the Democratic Strategy Institute contains a disclaimer with a little tidbit of information anyone paying attention would find interesting. “Who are we?” the disclaimer reads. “The Democratic Strategy Institute is a new project of the National Democratic Training Committee, the largest free Democratic training organization in the country.”

The same group, within an hour, sent fundraising emails with exactly contradicting messages. Did they expect no one to notice? Am I the only one who did? Are Democrats so blinded by ignorance that this kind of schizophrenic fundraising works on them? 

It must. Since last Monday’s debate, I have received 33 emails from the organizations mentioned above as well as the DNC itself and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, all with varying degrees of desperation and full of lies. In other words, just your typical left-wing fundraising pitch. I hope these will be a hell of a lot funnier after the election, once Democrats are destroyed at the polls. 



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