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There are always scammers out there, and all the old scams become new again with each new generation. You hear stories of senior citizens scammed out of the Social Security checks and you feel bad, however if you go to a casino the day after those checks are received (or the direct deposit done) you’ll see seniors willingly ripping themselves off. Are we supposed to feel badly for them over the poor decisions they’ve made? Sure, “there’s a chance they’ll win,” I guess, just like there’s a chance one of those emails was really sent by a Nigerian Prince just looking for some help getting his cash out of the country and he really will hook you up with a big chunk of it if you give him a hand. But for everyone else, it’s a scam and there comes a point when a scam is so obvious that anyone taken by it got what they deserve. 

In the political fundraising racket (and yes, it is a racket), those people behind the Nigerian Prince are pikers. The Prince story at least sounds plausible, or at least did when it first started. You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to fall for it now. But some people must fall for it, right? Why else keep doing it? Granted, there’s very little overhead involved in sending an email, so you’re sitting pretty if even one sucker swallows the hook. Still, it seems like there has to be more productive ways to scam.

Maybe those Prince people should enter the world of Democrat fundraising. Just this week I received so many emails with less sincerity than those ones from Nigeria that it’s difficult to keep track.

One from the Democrat Governors Association, signed by someone called Brittani Haywood, who apparently is their Digital Fundraising Director, showed just how sloppy and lazy the left is when it comes to conning their supporters. 

I have never once, and would never EVER, give so much as a penny to any Democrat or left-wing group or cause, yet this DGA treats me as if I was cutting checks to them like I’m Jeffery Epstein. “Hey, Derek – Brittani here, and I’m reaching out with an exclusive, time-sensitive opportunity for you!” it opens, along with a picture of her, presumably to let me know she’s a black woman. Maybe that works on the left, but it just seems weird in an email from someone no one has ever heard of.

“Derek – you’re one of the most active Democrats…” it continues, “so I wanted to make sure you received this personal invitation to participate in our June Focus Group.” 

Not only have I never given any money to any of these groups, I do occasionally click on their survey links and answer honestly, which is to say as negatively as possible about everything liberals hold dear. My answers are linked to my email address, so you’d think they’d remove me from their list at some point, right? Someone in the office has to keep a list of “infiltrators” or whatever, people they don’t want receiving their emails or maybe just some emails. 

If you send an email to someone who believes but has never given, you shouldn’t have it read how you appreciate their financial support in the past because they’ve never given. The illusion of the personal is blown at that point, and all of these emails try to convey the illusion of the personal. Like, for example, my “personal invitation to participate in our June Focus Group.”

No matter what you answer in that “focus group,” which is nothing more than a 5 childish question “survey” online that ends with them hitting you up for money no matter what you answer. Answer “No” to “Is it important to you for Democrats to get the resources they need to stop Republicans and win up and down the ballot?” and they still hit you up for cash on the next page. No curiosity about why you might have a problem with Democrats, they simply don’t care. Your “answers” end up in the digital version of a trash can. 

The whole thing is a scam, a connect the dots that ends up in the wallets of morons dumb enough to believe the DGA or any left-wing organization gives a damn about their input. The entire progressive philosophy is essentially “Shut the hell up and do what you are told.” Not a lot of room for input in it. 

But it works. This simplistic, obvious BS approach keeps these groups knee-deep in money, no matter how horrible Democrats have screwed things up. That Nigerian Prince was in the wrong line of work.


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