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Hypocritical Race Theory

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There are few things liberals love more than crying racism, but not many. Money from perverts, abusing power, and maybe some of their families, but that’s about it. Crying racism is oxygen to the average Democrat, but it’s heroin for elected and media Democrats and the addiction they have for it makes Hunter Biden’s love of crack and hookers seem like passionate indifference. It is their precious and these Gollums will do anything to ensure its use is their exclusive domain. Unfortunately for them, its practice is also their exclusive domain.


The Nazis were not as dogged as Democrats are in their pursuit of purity. Everything is either racist or progressive. But the lie between the two is no line at all, it’s a fence around both because the two are symbiotic – progressivism and progressives are racists, at their very core.

The thing about leftists is they do show you exactly who they are, all you have to do is watch and listen. When then candidate Joe Biden said “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” he was accidentally admitting he equates being poor with being black. It wasn’t a revelation, either to Joe or anyone who has followed his long career of casual but insistent racism, but it was quickly glossed over and forgotten. 

The racism from the left is ignored, which is a shame because it’s where racism truly lives in the halls of power. Rhode Island Democrat Senator Sheldon Whiteprivilege, er, Whitehouse, is a member of at least 3 organizations that, while not explicitly laid out in their charters, do not allow for minority membership. Whiteguy, er, Whitehouse acts as woke as they come in Senate hearings, and is always quick to attack Republicans as racists. Yet, Whitepower, er, Whitehouse’s membership in restricted, or as the left-wing media calls them “exclusive,” clubs has been known since 2006. 


When he first ran in 2006, Whiterage, er, Whitehouse said he would quit his whites only beach club. He didn’t. When confronted about it again in 2017, he said the all-white club was making progress on diversity. How, exactly, you can “make progress” on diversity without actually opening the club up to black people or adding any real diversity is not known, nor is it known how Whitebread, er, Whitehouse could claim the subject was beyond his control when his wife is a major stockholder in the club and could, if Sheldon insisted, immediately bring about the change the club has somehow been working unsuccessfully on for at least 2 decades.

That Sheldon Crackerhome, er, Whitehouse is a hypocritical racist pile of garbage isn’t the shocking revelation in this story (I mean, come on, his NAME is Sheldon Whitehouse, for crying out loud). No, the most disturbing part of this story is the fact that he’s gotten away with it all his entire career. 

Sheldon’s “whites only” affinities were known in 2006 and don’t appear to have been an issue he was even asked about again until 2017. After that, they went away again until what is basically a local blog bothered to confront him on it again last week. 

Leftist media has a hair-trigger when it comes to accusing non-leftist people of racism – they absolutely love it. But when one of their own actually is a racist, it’s not a story. Of all the liberal networks – MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC – only CNN mentioned the story at all on air this week, exactly twice (with one of those times occurring in the wee hours of the morning). 


Meanwhile, these same media Democrats spend hour after hour simultaneously claiming Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools while claiming to be offended that the use of Critical Race Theory in schools is being banned. Why would they care if something that isn’t happening is banned? 

MSNBC’s senior fellow in being a racist fraud, Joy Reid, invited Christopher Rufo on her show this week on the very subject of CRT and would not let the man speak. Reid, a well-documented dumpster fire of ethics scandals and outright lies, spoke over and interrupted Rufo to prevent her audience from hearing any semblance of a differing opinion. She truly is the Tokyo Rosé of the modern Klan – the progressive left’s attempt at conformity through the purifying of thoughts and actions by repeatedly lying. Some might as a series of “big lies.”

When it comes to race, its weaponization is what the left does. The hypocritical race theory belched out by Democrats is nearly as offensive as the racism that defines their existence. It saturates their body to the bone. From the United States Senate to the studios of elite cable channels to the halls of once-great institutions of higher learning all the way up to the Oval Office, the conga line of hypocritical liberals never stops beating the drum of racism. I wonder if they realize they’re beating it for themselves? 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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