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Eric Swalwell, Hunter Biden and the DNCCP

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Low-hanging fruit. When enemies of our country look to infiltrate and/or compromise someone to their side, that’s exactly what they reach for. No point in going to the top -- the likelihood of getting to them, let alone turning them, is minimal. But the easy targets, the ambitious or troubled, far enough away from the goal so as to not be noticed, but possibly on their way, are ripe for the pickings. Those wishing this country ill need only an opportunity; an in. With the same goals, only different tactics, the Chinese Communists went fishing for and caught Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden.


Honestly, is anyone surprised that the Communist Chinese would seek and find welcoming arms in the Democratic Party? Infiltrating the Republican Party would require the ability to pass off as someone who loves the country. Even the best of actors can’t stay in character forever. A better approach to gain access to a nation’s secrets is to find kindred spirits in the most like-minded political movement you can. In the case of the Chinese Communist Party, Democrats were the obvious and easy choice.

Not only are CCP agents unburdened by the need to pretend to like the country, but any vitriol they naturally displayed would also pale in comparison to the homegrown variety of their fellow travelers.

To get to a position of usefulness, the CCP knew the DNC was their path. But no path to information leads directly to the top, so they wisely cultivated people on the periphery who might, one day, find themselves in a useful place.

With Swalwell, then a dimwitted ambitious nobody city council member in California, the play was easy – the honey trap. He’s clearly in love with himself, so an attractive young college student becoming enamored with him was perfectly normal to him. “Get in line,” he likely thought.

What’s weird about Swalwell’s case is the thought never occurred to him, as he rose to national office, how it was that a college-aged woman who’s been in the country only a short time, a Chinese national, could have the contacts to fundraise for his Congressional campaign. Even if she claimed she “knew” a couple of people before coming to the United States, it seems odd she’d be able to bundle money or become a player in the cash game.


The CCP knew what they were doing, having their spy Fang Fang join multiple identity politics groups based on her ethnicity. That’s who the Democrats are, and they never questioned any of her moves because of it. Swalwell was one of the likely dozens of Democrats who fell for the act because of race and being bedded. He also happened to be the lowest of the low hanging fruit.

With Hunter Biden, having grown up the son of a Senator and a lifetime of capitalizing on that fact, the honeypot gambit wouldn’t work. A history of drug abuse and, considering he left his wife for his brother’s widow and cheated on her, likely means he’s been bedding other women with regularity his whole life. His actions imply each was meaningless; something he was entitled to. Whereas Swalwell probably spent most of his life’s nighttimes alone to that point, Hunter hadn’t. A different tactic was needed to reach the same objective.

Money makes the Biden world go ‘round.

Interested parties couldn’t bribe Joe Biden directly, too risky. Hunter served as his proxy. From Amtrak to the bank MBNA, Hunter had jobs for which he was unqualified thrown at him, for salaries greater than mere mortals could obtain while asking for nothing in return.

Not content with barely-show jobs and a nice living, Hunter set out to cash in even more, especially overseas where the prying eyes of the already disinterested American media weren’t likely to accidentally stumble across anything criminal. Ukraine, Russia, and China were fertile ground.

Getting more than a billion dollars to “invest” from the Chinese government sounds like a lot of money, and it is to individuals, as are the millions in “commissions” Hunter made. But it’s a drop in the bucket compared to China’s economy. The world knew Joe Biden was likely to run for president again one day, letting his son play with a billion and a half dollars to curry favor with the “big guy” on the off chance he did was a tiny risk to take.


People are always amazed when they hear a story of lobbyists being paid $25,000-$50,000 or more per month because that’s a lot of money. But if you could spend $10 million to get a government contract worth $10 billion, who wouldn’t? If China had to spend the commissions on $1.5 billion, or even lose the whole investment, to gain access to and influence over the son of the president of the United States, how much is that worth? The world’s largest economy and the world’s second means there are trillions of dollars at stake, in addition to the national security implications.

Given Hunter’s degenerate history and personal problems, dangling a few bucks in his face was the easy play. And it appears to have paid off. Even with the current probe of Hunter’s potentially criminal activity, the CCP likely has more information on him, information that might be able to put him away for life, information regarding their dealings that our government simply can’t access. That’s a lot of leverage.

It’s easy to rent influence over people in politics and just about any campaign donor can get their concerns addressed to one degree or another. But most people have basic needs and tend to want the government to get out of their way or to score valuable contracts. The CCP wants more, much more. And they’ve found a welcoming home in their like-minded brethren in the Democratic Party.

Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden served different purposes and required different tactics, but both serve the same ultimate goal. These low-hanging fruits are the ones we know about. Given how easily they were picked, it makes you wonder how many others are out there…


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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