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Liberal Media Hypocrisy Never Ends

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If you watched CNN or MSNBC you’d probably think you’re going to die. Of course, if you watched either of those networks why wouldn’t you want to? If you read liberal columnists you’d likely believe President Trump is coming to get you, to personally give you coronavirus. It makes you wonder, did Donald Trump drive these people crazy, or just make the rest of us realize they always were?


Given how the list of possible coronavirus symptoms continues to grow, showing how little anyone knows about this monster, insanity might be a one of them. If it is, maybe we need to take pity on these media creatures instead of holding them in such contempt. 


Chris Cuomo is still on TV nightly, lecturing the American people about not wearing masks or staying at home. Were he not such a raging hypocrite on the subject he would deserve sympathy, after all, his brother ordered infected seniors into ill-prepared nursing homes which led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people. That’s got to make family gatherings awkward, making sure the blood on Andrew’s hands doesn’t stain the furniture. 

Or course, Chris won’t be any more bothered by what Andrew did than what he did – breaking quarantine to go check out the construction of his new Hamptons digs while in the throes of infection. He famously told his TV audience he was “emerging” from his basement for the first time on the show. That was a lie, one he now admits, sort of, on social media (not on his show).     

Cuomo announced he was positive on March 31; on Easter, April 12, he got into a shouting match with a neighbor at the construction site. That’s not 14 days. His wife and son were diagnosed with coronavirus after he was – did he infect either of them on the drive


Chris claims he was “never in public,” which is significantly different than staying in your basement, and the man “cursed at wife and kids,” which means they were with him, enclosed in the car, on the long drive to his new property. 

None of this made its way onto his show, curiously, too busy giggling along with his brother. 

But Chris Cuomo isn’t the only “Karen” on air at CNN or seemingly everywhere else in media, it seems to be a job requirement. Daily, viewers and readers are told they’re going to die, that Republicans want them to starve and Democrats are their only hope…and they believe it. 

They all believe it.

If it’s unproven and scary, there is no shortage of media outlets lining up to spread that story. Is there a link between coronavirus and Kawasaki disease, and inflammatory illness the strikes children? Journalists have no idea, but there is no shortage of stories about how there might be. 

Words like “tied to,” “believed caused,” and “possibly linked” are common in headlines trying to scare the hell out of parents thinking about going outside as their states reopen. Lacking evidence used to stop a story from being run, now it’s the basis for them. 


Remember the reporting on hydroxychloroquine? These same outlets fell all over themselves condemning President Trump for hoping it worked (not declaring it, simply hoping). “There is no proof,” “without evidence,” and so on they screeched. They actively rooted against it, blaming him for a woman who gave fish tank cleaner to her husband because it contained a similar sounding ingredient. It’s now being investigated as a possible murder, have you heard about that? Probably not, and definitely not with the same volume and vigor.

With Kawasaki, they try to scare you inside, with hydroxychloroquine they try to scare you away from it. They couple fear with ignorance all the time.

Speaking of fear and ignorance…

As CNN’s Brian Stelter lectures his audience on “basic decency,” he and his colleagues, who lecture the nation on not wearing masks while ripping their off the moment they think the cameras are off, need to find a reflective surface. Not to stare longingly into (because, gross), but to realize what they’re doing to their profession and, more importantly, to the country. 

Being a lying hypocritical fraud probably isn’t a symptom of coronavirus, though you never know, but it is the clearest and most obvious sign that you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. For that there is no cure or even a test, but suffers will know they have it by the number of “journalism” awards they win. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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