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Anyone really believe the pearl-clutching class was actually upset about President Trump comparing the secret impeachment inquiry into him to a lynching? Democrats could barely catch their breath as they expressed their outrage over the tweet, and self-promoting TV conservatives fell right in line. What some people will do to maintain contracts that allow them to avoid honest work and having marketable skills or talent.


Lost, or ignored, in all the MSNBC peacocking, CNN posturing, and House and Senate pandering was the fact that Donald Trump was absolutely correct.

Words have meanings. That everyone understands this and knows those meanings is what allows us to communicate with one another. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with some people, partially because they are, at their cores, dishonest shameless self-promoters or partisan hacks willing to sell their soul for even the taste of power or fame. But at the root of all of that is the enthusiastic embrace of changing anything to suit their needs at any given moment.

The “lynching” example is only the latest, but hardly the only, example of this.

The word “lynch” has a meaning, as it always has. Dictionary.com defines it as “to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority.” Merriam-Webster has it, “to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal approval or permission.”

Those definitions are so similar because that’s what the word means and has always meant. It has nothing to do with skin color or any other extenuating circumstance. No matter how horrible something was done in its name, the word describing it means the same thing.

Unless you’re a liberal.

The horrible offense leftists were pretending to feel over the president’s accurate metaphorical description of the actions against him was nowhere to be found when the word was casually tossed around by Democrats in the late '90s to defend Bill Clinton from impeachment for actual crimes. A conga line of Democrats expressed disgust over impeaching Clinton for committing perjury, subornation of perjury, and obstruction of justice. (Here’s just a taste, and some of them were old white guys.)


John Kerry tossed around the word without notice, so did Harry Reid. And Al Sharpton compared supporters of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to Klansmen who attended church before attending a lynching. 

Even Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden said of the Clinton impeachment, “Even if the president should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching.”

These are but a few examples of the hypocrisy, but more importantly it’s all a lie.

Lynching was horrible, but not unique to any race, not even in the United States. Lynchings, sadly, have a long history in human existence that continues to this day.

Yet liberals do associate it with one race, for political gain.

Yes, the majority of lynchings in the US were of black people, but that only tells part of the story. The part the left doesn’t want to discuss is the fact that near, if not all, were committed by Democrats.

The Democratic Party was the party of the KKK, the party of segregation, the party of Jim Crow. The official position of the Democratic Party was to keep black people subjugated, and it still is today in places Democrats control.

Democrats made it illegal to educate black people. When that was no longer sustainable, they imposed a sub-standard education system that still doesn’t educate black children.

When Democratic policies could no longer segregate based on race, Democrats embraced a “diversity” posture that encourages separate school dances, graduations, dormitories, etc., based on race. They also instill in people identity politics that pressures people to identify only with others who look like them. Ask Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, or Tim Scott how tolerant leftists are of people who don’t conform.


The Democratic Party’s history is steeped in the control and manipulation of black Americans, their present is as well. They preach of how Republicans are oppressors who they’ll keep at bay. Meanwhile, all the liberal policies implemented under the guise of improving life in black communities have only increased the very troubles they were promised to fix. If Republicans were truly out to “destroy the black community, there would be no more effective way to do that than to support liberal policies. They don’t.

Yet fear, the most powerful human emotion, has been deployed skillfully here to convince people to override what they see, what they know to be true, and act against reality. Fear and anger override logic every time.

That’s the Democrat Party’s game plan, not just for 2020 but for the foreseeable future (I wrote a whole book, Outrage, INC, explaining exactly how they do it on every issue).

People will still fall for it, people are always open to emotional manipulation, especially from people in positions we’re supposed to be able to trust. But it’s a lie, and the people doing it know it’s a lie. Make no mistake, the color of the skin of the people doing it does not matter, this is about power, obtaining and holding it. The lust for power has no skin tone, nor does it care about it beyond how it can be weaponized.

It’s cynical, corrupt and, if you know the actual history of the movement and the atrocities committed to advance it, it’s totally progressive.


Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.


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