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In 12 years, we’ll all be dead. An unstoppable force will wipe out all of humanity, most of the animals, and even some of the cockroaches. It’s not climate change, it’s the smugness of the true believers; the brainwashed masses of millennials who will one day be in positions to implement the absolute bat-feces crazy ideas they are espousing today. 


Everyone won’t literally be dead, they’ll just wish they were.

The “climate strike” is on, have you called into work yet? How much of your weekend was spent in a drum circle with the shower-challenged? Did you participate in any good chants? 

If you’re a normal person, the odds are you haven’t. But we aren’t dealing with normal people here.

The leadership of the climate cult is made up of adults who privately know better and children manipulated by people they’re supposed to be able to trust. They’re a doomsday cult that continually moves the goalposts. 

I wrote about this in my book, in a chapter called “The Doomsday Cult.” There have always been people who predict doom and gloom, and there have always been people who will believe them. But if one of the leaders of these cults says the world will come to an end Sunday night at midnight, come Monday morning that person is going to have a lot of explaining to do. After having the men castrate themselves, the Heaven’s Gate cult leader at least had the sense to get everyone to commit suicide. It helped avoid awkward conversations with a bunch of eunuchs the day after they discovered there wasn’t a space ship behind the Hale-Bopp comet.

The current crop of climate cultists learned this lesson as well. After 50 years of making 10-year “we’re all going to die unless…” predictions, they changed everything. They now make 100-year predictions, which is much smarter, from a strategic perspective. The 10-year game means a lot of people who heard you swear X would happen in 10 years if you didn’t get your way will still be alive to notice the sky didn’t fall. It’s hard to maintain a following when your central claim is obviously proven false. 


The beauty of moving the length of time to 100 years isn’t that it can’t be proven, it’s that it can’t be disproven. People, especially when times are good, have difficulty accepting that they don’t have any real problems. We search for something to be wrong, we crave it. It’s due to, in large part, how easy we have it compared to every other point in history. We don’t have to fight every day for just enough food to survive all so we can do it again tomorrow. We’re fat, have refrigerators, air conditioning, and heat, and can be on the other side of the planet in less than a day. 

We also all have access to the accumulated knowledge of our species in our pockets. You’d think that’d make us smarter. It hasn’t. 

But liberals have gotten smarter, about strategy, at least. The “10 years and we’re dead” mantra may not work on adults anymore, but it works great on kids. They’ve adopted the tobacco company model – hook ‘em while they’re young. 

Having lost in the fight to convince thinking adults who remember the last 50 years, they’ve dug their claws into the children. When teachers and politicians, who children are told to trust (and should be able to), tell them their lives are doomed to suffering or extinction, well, they’re a much easier audience to convince. 


Those kids are getting older now, becoming old enough to vote. Soon, they’ll be old enough to vote for themselves. 

They have no memory of the Cold War, weren’t even taught about it and the horrors of collectivism – there wasn’t time after the addition of proper pronoun usage and grievance studies classes. Not having heard them before makes them the perfect audience for the left’s greatest hit, repetition from positions of trust did the rest.

Many kids today are terrified their lives will never really come to fruition; that it’ll all be over by the time they’re old enough to enjoy it. They’re being robbed of their childhoods in front of the whole world, being exploited as emotional blackmail to pressure their parents to accept the will of the left. 

Before it was climate change it was global warming, and the policy solutions were the same. Before it was global warming it was global cooling, and the policy solutions were the same. Before they used the weather to scare people, the same policy “solutions” were being pushed by progressives. The idea of “man-caused climate change” is a delivery device, not a crisis. But kids aren’t taught history, they aren’t conditioned to question the absurd. They are “Children of the Corn” brainwashed to obey and someday, much sooner than 12 years, they’ll start being elected to Congress. If they don’t wise up soon, it’ll be enough to make everyone wish they were right all along.


Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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