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Did you watch Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi? If you did you should get a colonoscopy soon, because in those 11 hours you had enough smoke blown up there to give colon cancer to everyone in the country.


If we had an honest media, the headlines Friday would have been about how the former secretary of state and current Democratic Party front-runner for president was caught lying to the American public about the cause of the Benghazi attack. Headlines would scream of how Hillary Clinton said one thing in private – to her daughter, the leaders of Libya and Egypt – and the exact opposite to the American people.

There was a time when knowingly and willfully telling someone the reverse of what is true was called a lie. Now it’s considered a creative interpretation. Hillary knew while the attack was ongoing, and told her daughter Chelsea in an email, that the terrorist attack on the US compound in Benghazi was “by an Al Queda-like (sic) group.” Does Chelsea have special security clearance allowing her to receive real-time briefings on ongoing terrorist attacks on Americans? Are security clearances transmitted via DNA? Of course not.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to lie to her own child. Everyone else? Sure, why not? Everyone else is disposable the moment they outlive their usefulness.

Even those who are still useful, still trying desperately to remain in the good graces of our would-be queen, tread so lightly as to be ready for humiliation at her whim.


Lanny Davis is a nice man. I know and like him. So it is with no great pleasure I write this. But his email to Hillary, a woman he’s known longer than I’ve been alive, assumes they are friends. But that relationship is not something I recognize as friendship, and I hope you don’t either.

In 2010, Lanny begged his decades-long friend, a woman for whom he’s thrown himself on countless grenades, for the simple favor of a few minutes of her time to say nice things to a reporter writing a Davis profile. In a long, embarrassing email, Davis asks for “a personal favor” from his “dear friend Hillary.”

I can’t bring myself to quote it, so take a moment and read it for yourself. Just know, after decades of loyalty and a willingness to publicly humiliate himself to protect her and her family, Hillary did not comply with Lanny’s basic favor.

That’s who Hillary Clinton is as a person.

If we had an honest media you would know all of this. More to the point, if we had an honest media you would have forgotten who Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the first place. There is no reason to remember the wife of an obscure southern governor who didn’t win a state in his failed 1992 bid for the Democratic nomination. If we had an honest media, that is.


As it stands, she sits frighteningly close to the Oval Office, smug in the knowledge her stenographers at every major news outlet have no interest in exposing her failures as secretary of state or as a person.

How, during an 8-hour attack, does she speak with the president only once and not speak with the secretary of defense or the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at all, yet claim there was nothing the military could have done? I can be in London in six hours, yet in the first hour of the attack can she determine not a single military asset would get to Benghazi in time in a region marinating in our military assets? She can say these things only because she knows they won’t be fact-checked.

I don’t think she acted out of malice. I think she was following orders. Those orders would have come from President Obama. The complete lack of immediate action tells me they were both overwhelmed. Two novices at the levers of power in times of high stress didn’t perform well. No surprise there.

There was a lot that was learned from Thursday’s hearing, and you’d know a lot more about it if we had an honest media. As it stands, “journalists” were on the exact same page as the Democrats on the committee – step over the bodies of four dead Americans and protect Hillary. Agenda Über Alles.


When you read the email plea from Lanny Davis and the “reporting” on the hearing by any major news outlet, you’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart, not in substance but in tone. It’s sad, pathetic…and not surprising in the least.

PS: Just when you’d thought they’d hit bottom, these same media press release reprinters found a new way to spin for Hillary. When both Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee dropped out of the race, the story was framed as a victory for Hillary. Two men with a collective ZERO in the polls whom the media had all but completely ignored suddenly became worthy of attention because the story could be reflected onto her.

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